Wednesday, April 23, 2003


Somebody has kidnapped an Ayatollah! Should be more of it.

Australia’s major Leftist political party is attacking the conservative government because the government has not given enough tax cuts! Australia is a very conservative country by world standards.

If you have not seen it already, do not miss the hilarious "We were stun-founded" story about Islamic fanatics in Iraq in the WSJ. You will also find there a report that American feminists are supporting a man who allegedly murdered an entirely innocent woman! These hags seem to think that Muslim treatment of women is OK too!

There’s a report on PC Watch that Britain’s socialized medicine system plans to have doctors in its hospitals only during the day! Let us hope that they will at least have doctors on call somewhere nearby in the evenings and at night. Maybe not.

Michael Darby has a letter from one of his readers who is outraged at how the media reported the Iraq war.

The Wicked one is impressed by SOME of the things that the Archbishop of Canterbury says.

Chris Brand wonders whether political realignments in Britain and the USA might be sparked by the Iraq war.

I have just added three more fun pictures to my Picture Page.

In my academic posting of April 21st here, I look at the common view that “stereotyping” is a problem in race relations and point to research results showing that it is not.


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