Wednesday, October 01, 2003


WARNING: There is an email being sent to various blogs at the moment by a "Joseph Wander" which says: "I can pay you $20/month by putting 2 text links on your index or home page as our Advertiser. Please note that you have full control of your site on where to put the text links." The links concerned are: and Both sites seem to have no specific geographical location. I strongly suspect that nobody would ever receive any goods in return for money sent in -- thus making anybody who displayed the links party to a confidence trick. Not recommendable!

"We estimate that climate change may already be causing in the region of 160,000 deaths...a year," Professor Andrew Haines of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told a climate change conference”. And I estimate that the funding for his research would fall drastically if the global warming scare died down.

I visited my alma mater yesterday, the University of Queensland -- one of Australia’s major universities. And flying from the top of the main building for all to see as they entered the university was a large Australian flag! Perhaps there is hope for our universities yet. I note from Garin Hovannisian’s sad report of his first day at UCLA that there is no similar display there.

That man again: There is a picture of Hitler (connected with some VERY old news) in the middle of the Yahoo news site today (Tuesday, U.S. time). He made the cover of “Time” magazine a while back too. Ironic that he seems to be the most famous person in history. I explain why here

More irony: The Scandinavian countries have only relatively recently abandoned their COMPULSORY eugenics programs so how ironic that a new call for a VOLUNTARY eugenics program in Denmark has created an uproar.

Mike Tremoglie has been having fun trying to persuade Kristof of the NYT that he (Kristof) is a redneck!

The NYT is surprisingly frank about the hostility and discrimination conservatives face at U.S. universities.

Front Page has summarized the story about the affirmative action parody whereby students sold cookies at different prices according to the race of the customer. And John Moore has a “scoop” about a neglected detail of the same story.

Somebody has put together the most amazing set of Democrat quotes about Iraq -- from Clinton to Ted Kennedy. You would think that every word there was written by GWB. If GWB “lied” about Iraq, so did practically every prominent Democrat.

My latest academic upload here (or here) concerns the old Leftist “stereotyping” theory -- which says that we dislike minorities only because we do not know them well. So having more contact with minorities should make us like them better. If all my readers have not collapsed with laughter at such a theory by now they may be interested to hear that my survey showed that the theory was not supported.


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