Monday, November 10, 2003


I get a lot of email as a result of posts on this blog and most people are very kind in their comments -- something I appreciate greatly. I got a couple of really hate-filled emails from Leftists yesterday though. You would just have to read them to understand immediately what made Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc. tick. How sad to have such a fountain of venom welling up inside you all the time! I got a mention recently on a Leftist Australian blog that displays a graphic of a Molotov cocktail at the head of its page so I am not at all surprised at the response. The personality types that lay behind the many destruction-loving and murder-loving “revolutionaries” of the 20th century have not gone away.

Jeff Jacoby asks why the Democrats do not disown the most public of America’s virulent racists -- Sharpton.

Leftists have long got themselves into a fever about American "Imperialism" but a lot of conservatives too are now talking of America as a new empire. I frankly think that is silly talk. America is nothing like any empire of the past and never will be -- and the plain fact is that average Americans don't WANT an empire. They just want to be left alone -- which is a thoroughly conservative sentiment that I heartily applaud.

John Moore has a very sarcastic post about the logic behind the global warming scare.

The latest upload of a chapter from my book (See here or Chapter 43 here) is in fact the first paper I wrote about the theory that working class people are more conservative on social (non-economic) issues. My findings on the issue were mixed but I interpreted them as favouring the theory. In the light of later evidence on the same question, however, I would point to the weakness of the relationships found.


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