Wednesday, November 05, 2003


Noting Leftist hysteria over a story that GWB and Tony Blair have prayed together, the WSJ very reasonably asks: “why does it seem that the irreligious left is more horrified by a pair of Christians who lead democracies praying together in private than by radical Islamic mullahs openly praying for the deaths of Jews and Americans?”

Further to my post yesterday about a Greenie nut who got eaten by the bears he used to “commune” with, a reader sent in this link to a cartoon

I occasionally get emails from what I take to be French conservatives but I have never studied French so it would take a bit of work for me to decipher them fully. I am hoping that by posting this one here someone will summarize it in English for me

China Hand has an update on what happened to Hong Kong’s famous walled city, on Chairman Mao’s calligraphy and on unethical business in Hong Kong.

The Wicked one has a cartoon explanation of how Leftists work.

My latest academic upload (see here or here) shows that their typically Leftist belief in coercion even leads psychologists into the mire when they do public opinion polling.


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