Wednesday, December 17, 2003


I guess even the Devil would be a good guy if he was anti-American. “A senior Vatican official and critic of the war in Iraq said today that he felt compassion for Saddam Hussein, and he reproached the United States for releasing video footage showing the former Iraqi leader handled "like a cow." “

The media is reporting (shock! horror!) that segregationist Strom Thurmond had a child to a black woman. If he is or was thus a hypocrite so what? How many "multiculturalists" prefer to live in all-white neighbourhoods? How many egalitarians look out for No.1? And, come to think of it, how many Leftist whites have any sort of relationship with blacks of the opposite sex? Doesn’t it show that Strom liked blacks better than they do? But I guess I am “naive”.

An excellent demolition of Noam Chomsky and the Far Left generally in The Guardian. It makes the point that anti-Americanism is all that the Left now have to say. They stand for nothing else. Pathetic.

Jay Bryant has a good article on how the Democrats fight democracy tooth and nail.

My latest academic upload (details here or here) is from a 1986 book about Eysenck in which both Chris Brand and I had chapters -- with somewhat opposing viewpoints. The upload is of a dialogue we had about our differing views of Eysenck’s theories. Curiously, Eysenck and Chris are on the side of the libertarian theory that politics are two-dimensional and I am on the side favoured by the Left -- that politics consists only of a single Left-Right dimension. I just go where the survey evidence indicates, however -- as I also explain here.


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