Thursday, January 22, 2004


Bush did not cause the recession The true nature of recessions always confounds the prevailing economic orthodoxy. Highly paid economists sit in their Wall Street offices trying to figure out what's up.
The Clintons and the Democrats' moral decline A couple of weeks ago I argued that for Hillary Clinton there was an acceptable level of violence that also included murder. The statement is all too true.
China's military and Sun Tzu: What every American should know The Chinese military is extremely nationalistic in the worst possible way. There seems to be little doubt that China sees Asia and the Pacific region as its own special sphere of influence, an interest threatened by a powerful American presence.
China's economic growth and green elitists Some Westerners, specially those with a distinct greenish hue, just cannot abide the thought of China raising its living standards to Western levels. From red to green Where the Red and the Green meet: Where the old left still believe in the virtues of a centrally planned economy, the utopian left consist mainly of people who have developed a vague vision of an agrarian socialist society. Budgets and spending: a contrarian's view What we are left with are big-spending politicians; a situation that must eventually lead to higher taxes. If not that, then little or no genuine tax relief in the foreseeable future can take place. Taiwan democracy a model for China While talk of Taiwan's "economic miracle" has become commonplace, its political and social developments have been even more miraculous.

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