Wednesday, February 18, 2004


A good imaginary conversation with a Leftist over at Crusader War College:

Leftist: "Israel should accept the One State solution demanded by the Palestinians!"

Me: "Israel doesn't want the Palestinians as citizens".

Leftist: "That's terrible, cruel, and unjust of Israel! Where could they go?"

Me: "The territories used to belong to Egypt and Jordan. They could become Egyptian and Jordanian citizens again, like they used to before the 6 Day War".

Leftist: "But Egypt and Jordan doesn't want them!"

Me: "So when Egypt and Jordan says they don't want the Palestinians as citizens, you accept THAT with nary a murmur, complaint, or suggestion that THEY are terrible, cruel, and unjust. BUT, when Israel says the same thing, you scream, holler, and jump up and down in "righteous" indignation, despite the fact that, since these people either used to be Egyptian or Jordanian Citizens, or born to former Egyptian or Jordanian citizens, makes the obligation fall upon Egypt and Jordan more than Israel! Or does Egypt and Jordan, in your eyes, have rights that YOU DENY ISRAEL?"

Leftist changes subject

Arlene Peck has a good column about Walid Shoebat, the former Palestinian terrorist who became a Zionist when he found out what lies he had been fed as a child. Another report about him is here


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