Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Abortion realities "In my four pregnancies - the first of which ended in a traumatic five-month miscarriage, the last three of which resulted in gorgeous, healthy children - I always felt, right from the start, that this was someone else taking up residence within me. Never did I imagine this was "my body" or my property to dispose of as I wished. Equally, it was not my husband's. This was not abstract Life, with a capital L; this was someone else's fragile and vulnerable life, growing slowly. The terrible grief I felt at the miscarriage was not because my body had evacuated a waste product, but because I mourned a human spirit never to be incarnated, who would never be, never know this world. And when my living children were born, I was overwhelmed not only by their beauty, but also by their otherness. They were not me, and never had been, from the very moment of their conception."


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