Saturday, April 03, 2004


"The Kyoto Protocol has become a well-known political slogan. President Bush has called it "fundamentally flawed," while some environmentalists in America and Europe have said it is essential for saving the Earth's climate and the future of humanity itself. Many on the right have called it economic madness, while for many on the left it is an ecological article of faith.... But the facts have always made it clear that Kyoto would be outrageously costly and completely ineffective -- as designed, it would not even noticeably influence the climate. And more importantly, in light of recent developments, the treaty is essentially defunct". In other words, it is the Greenie version of a hair shirt -- an exercise in self-punishment and nothing more. Its motivation is religious, not scientific.

"Commissioner Margot Wallstrom insists that the Kyoto Protocol is 'the only existing effective international framework for combating global warming.' This questionable argument -- Kyoto neither exists yet, nor has any scientist claimed it would yield a detectable climatic impact"

The whole global warming scare is based on work by a group of scientists headed by Dr. Michael Mann, of the University of Virginia. Climate scientist David Legates examines Mann's claim that the climate record of the last 1000 years is shaped like a hockey stick (i.e. flat until recently) and shows that the claim is based on fudged data. It is a publicity-grabbing fraud, in other words: "Our analysis, as well as independent research by Canadian scientists Mr. Steven McIntyre and Dr. Ross McKitrick, highlights many statistical flaws present in Mann's `hockey stick' reconstruction, which is why it is being challenged on scientific grounds by a number of serious scientists. We must take a closer look at the science of the "hockey stick" and, in this case, ask the question, "How much of the warming of the 20th Century was `man-induced' and how much of it is `Mann-induced'?".

What have been the real-life consequences since the world adopted the basic ideas of environmentalism? How about millions of documented human deaths? Incredible? Read this before you decide.

The imaginary Greenie paradise: "Free trade and civilization may contribute to disease transmission, but these activities also create the economic growth that grants access to the essentials of healthy living: food, pesticides, sanitation, and water disinfectants. Those suffering the most from disease epidemics need more trade and economic growth to escape from -- not return to -- the life of the primitive."

"The message from the environmental groups grew more shrill and hostile. As the environment actually improved, predictions turned more dire. Environmentalists first taught us how greedy, evil corporations were destroying the planet, and then taught us how we were all responsible for destroying the planet. Fortunately, the extreme environmentalists had a solution in mind. This solution is in accord with that of today's Muslim fundamentalist terrorists: both clubs want you and your miserable capitalistic existence exterminated. Except the environmentalists are worse--they would just as soon see all of humanity exterminated, not only the capitalists. You are the enemy. (I suppose the environmentalists somehow see themselves as a better class of humans, otherwise they'd help the cause by killing themselves first.).... The environmentalists screamed about the falling sky and the population explosion more than 30 years ago. There was no way we would be able to feed all the billions of extra hungry mouths come the turn of the century.... We did solve world hunger! We can now feed vast amounts of people on far less land with far less waste through modern agriculture.... And I was wrong about the intentions of the environmentalists. Damn the hungry, they only wanted less people; they wanted millions of starving, fly-plagued third world peasants to stop breeding and die."

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