Monday, April 26, 2004


Iconoclasm was an early Christian doctrine that was revived by early Protestants but these days it refers to upsetting popular beliefs. Leftists aspire to it but usually end up preaching false beliefs instead

There is a brilliant article here on the "aging population" problem. Because of better health-care and many bourgeois women considering themselves too grand to have children, there are going to be far more elderly and far fewer young people in the world of the future. So who is going to support all those old people? Almost everyone thinks that it is a blindingly obvious problem and it is one reason why people wink at illegal immigration but this article looks at the statistics a bit more deeply and shows that any problem is vastly exaggerated. For once I won't try to summarize the article. I will say what I rarely do: "Read the whole thing". It looks like the whole scare is another pratfall for the social engineers.

This article says that the Dalai Lama is a bit of a fraud who just says whatever he thinks will make his audience feel good. There is no doubt that Buddhism as it was practiced in Tibet before the Chinese takeover was a very harsh and primitive affair compared with what Westerners do who think they practice Buddhism. I myself like the original teachings of the gentle Buddha but the superstitious version practiced in Tibet is something else again. It's a lot like mediaeval Christianity was.

Serbs say that Clinton bombed the wrong side. He should have helped the Christian Sebs against the Muslim Bosnians and Kosovars rather than the other way around. It makes some sense but, from my experience of Yugoslavs, they deserve one-another. They seem a touchy and aggressive lot and none of them seem to realize that aggression just leads to counter-aggression.

"To hear the TV Turnoff folks tell the tale, we're mesmerized from infancy onwards by the bright blinking lights and dazzling displays. In fact, this year's televisual fast has benefited from a recently released study the purports to show a link between watching TV and developing attention deficit disorder. Even though the authors of the study flatly state, 'We have not in fact studied or found an association between television viewing and clinically diagnosed ADHD,'

Shopping malls are icons of Austrian, not American, cultural imperialism: "Austrian architect Victor Gruen brought the mall concept to this country and designed the first enclosed American mall, drawing on ideas from socialist theory."

This explanation of the Columbine school killings seems reasonable. It was not about "bullying" or anything else that could have been "fixed". Eric Harris was just a common or garden variety psychopath -- a "moral imbecile". Such types typically do crazy things that go against their own self-interest -- but it makes sense to them because they lack normal emotions.


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