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Prisoner abuse: An interesting comment from a reader: "As a Viet Nam Vet of the U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division (Cu Chi, Vietnam 1967), perhaps I can put the war prisoner abuse media events currently swirling around the Bush Administration into perspective. I was a Spec/4 Medic in Vietnam assigned to work with the 25th Medical Battalion psychiatrist. I assisted in medicating and evacuating by helicopter "psychiatric casualties" of the war. This entailed flying into fire fights to pick up the wounded, including wounded enemy NVA soldiers. It was usual for the South Vietnamese ARVN soldiers to strip the enemy soldiers naked and cut their gonads off, then call in U.S. medical personnel to evacuate them as a prisoner. To my knowledge this practice was never covered by the media. To state the obvious: War is brutal. The media scenes the American public are now seeing on TV and the Net pale in comparison to the daily events in Vietnam, let alone what went on in Cambodia after the war with Pol Pot.

I have not so far said anything about the prisoner mistreatment scandal in Iraq but Bleeding Brain sums it up pretty well, I think. And Dick McDonald is irate at the way the media have treated it. And Matthew Cowie is one of many who have noted that one of the humiliated Iraqis still wants to come to America!

And yet the "feminists" stay silent: "Jihadists, like all totalitarians, oppose many kinds of freedom. What makes them unique, however, is their particular hatred of freedom for women. They prize their traditional prerogatives that allow them to keep their women barefoot in the kitchen as illiterate economic and sexual slaves." Most feminist activists don't give a damn about women, in other words. They just use women to excuse their hatred of their own society. Like Greenie activists, they are just another flavour of Leftism. If they really cared about women, they would be backing GWB to the hilt.

Fascinating. It seems that Canada is like Australia in that it is common for very religious people there to be on the Left as well as on the Right: "Devout Liberal MPs are appalled by their party's attempt to demonize the Conservatives as a bunch of extreme religious zealots". I have commented on the relationship between conservatism and Christianity at some length here.

The Leftist hatred of McDonald's is just another example of Leftist jealousy of other people's success. There is a short summary of how unreasonable it is to attack McDonald's here. What nobody seems to mention is that what McDonald's sells is just a minor variation on a standard Western diet of beef, bread, salad and potatoes. If that is bad for you we are all doomed. Funny that average lifespans are always getting longer in the West, though!

From Chris Brand: "According to environmentaloons, the human male's asthetic preference for women having the hourglass shape is due to `conditioning'. But new research published in Proceedings of the Royal Society found that wasp-waisted women were 30% higher in the hormone oestradiol and would thus have double or treble the normal chance of conceiving during any one menstrual cycle" Another blow to the constant Leftist claim that everything about us is the product of our environment rather than of biology. Here or here are links to the academic article Chris mentions.

Some things that governments do you couldn't make up: Germany has passed a law to say that legal brothels must train apprentice whores! No doubt the usual 5 years of training will be necessary before they can do it.

What has the EU got in common with Robert Mugabe? A lot. As the case of Hans-Martin Tillack shows. They are using their police to intimidate an exposer of their corruption.

There is a review here of a new book: How Democracies Lose Small Wars: State, Society, and the Failures of France in Algeria, Israel in Lebanon, and the United States in Vietnam

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The Left have always wanted more spent on welfare and made "Fascism" a swear-word. President Bush deposed a brutal Fascist dictator and sponsored a big expansion of welfare. But instead of being admired by the Left, he is hated with a passion. What does that tell you about the Left? It tells you that they have no principles at all: That everything they have ever claimed to stand for is fake.

All politicians seek power but conservatives bring with them a genuine concern for the welfare of their country. Leftists bring only their hate-filled Stalinist hearts and their pretend compassion

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