Sunday, May 23, 2004


Journalist accuses America of war crimes in Iraq The Bush-hating Brian Toohey accuses the US of murdering women and children in Fallujah who were then buried in a mass grave in the town's football stadium. This journalist also defends terrorist as resistance fighters.
A journalist who lied about Iraq abuses also lied about Vietnam Selective outrage and cold-blooded lying come naturally to fanatical leftists likeAlan Ramsey of the Sydney Morning Herald. He lied about Vietnam and now he's reprising his role for Iraq.
Ignorant journalist claims minimum wages wipe out poverty One of the most damaging myths in economics is that effective minimum wages raise living standards. By effective I mean minimum wage rates that are set above market clearing levels. A minimum wage rate set below the market rate is ineffective because those to whom it will apply will either already be on that rate or even above it.
Ancient wisdom, minimum wages and media ignorance The late Spanish Scholastic (1300 to about 1550) warned minimum wages would cause unemployment and poverty. They, unlike profound thinkers of Adele Horin's intellectual standing, knew that people would not be hired if their wage rates exceeded the value of their services.
Beijing makes its move in Latin America Beijing has been using Cuba's Fidel Castro as a means to subvert South America and Central America while President Bush has been waging war against terrorism

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