Saturday, May 22, 2004


Doc Rampage has just put up a long post devoted to explaining why Leftists and conservatives don't understand one-another. He says, basically, that Leftists are aiming to produce perfect people while conservatives see that as an impossible goal. I think he has been deceived by Leftist rhetoric. Everybody knows that perfection is in the eye of the beholder so what is perfect for me will be imperfect for someone else. Similarly, people will differ over what is a good society. Spaniards think bull-fighting is a good thing. Anglos generally do not. Who is to say whether Spanish or Anglo society is objectively better? Certainly not Leftists. They don't believe in any objective values, standards or morality anyway. How can they makes us "better" when they think "better" is meaningless?

And even when they DO appear to advocate some standards, Leftists are far from consistent about it (which means it is not a standard). If "tolerance" is good, for instance, why do they have no tolerance of gun-owners and various other disfavoured groups such as "rednecks", Christians, patriots etc? So why, then, are Leftists -- as Doc Rampage has rightly noticed -- always trying to "improve" us -- by force and coercion if necessary? The answer is psychological, not philosophical: It's just to make themselves appear to be good and caring and wise (mainly because they are not). Other than that they don't really care what happens at all. Only their emotions matter to them. As a certain ex-"liberal" has just expressed it: "Liberalism has no soul, no brain, and no backbone. It is a seething cauldron of emotion: hatred, envy, fear, anger, and guilt"

The said ex-"liberal" (KBJ) does -- of course -- get hate-mail from unrecontructed "liberals" (which rather confirms his characterization of them!) but I was relieved to see in this example that he is merely a "charleton". It would have been a real worry if he were a "charlatan"!


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