Wednesday, July 28, 2004


President Bush: deficits and interest rates The Democrats and their media supporters screamed that deficits would raise interest rates and dampen the economy. They were wrong.
Berger's contempt for US national security Berger, Bill Clinton's longtime National Security Advisor, stuffed highly classified secret documents into his pants and socks. Now why would he do that?
Republicans' record on blacks beats the Democrats hands down Republicans' record on civil rights for blacks is far superior to the Democrats' record. Only in our Orwellian world could the Republicans be successfully painted by the Party of Jefferson Davis as the party of Jim Crow.
The Dems rich supporters and the stench of fascism Steven Kirsch gave the Gore war machine $250,000 so that it could disenfranchise 25,000 absentee residents of Seminole and Martin Counties. This is what rich Democrats mean by democracy.
The Democrats want to exterminate the Republican Party Democratic Party - meaning its intolerant activist core - is not democratic, except in the Leninist sense of the word.

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