Friday, August 06, 2004


Anti-Semites find a home in John Kerry's party Why do Kerry and his fellow Democrats value the services of this pro-terrorist and anti-Israeli bigot?
Capitalistic wolves in liberal sheep's clothing Stop lining the pockets of liberals who dress up as innocent lambs and expose them for what they really are: opportunistic, socialistic and divisive
The '90s boom and the '60s - what you don't know but should Some Democratic commentators are still drawing comparisons with the Clinton years and the 1960s - and still getting it wrong
George McGovern's bloodstained ties to Castro For years George McGovern has been pouring praise on a sadistic mass murderer
Religious persecution in China China's unfortunate experience of religious rebellions and cults in no way excuses the regime's persecution of religion
Prof. Krugman attacks Dick Cheney and gets it wrong It's time the Republicans fully accepted the grim fact that they are now at war on all fronts. Professor Krugman is another bitter example of this reality
Partisan media is getting heat from the Net Matt Drudge is a staggering example of what one man with a net connection can achieve. His success has aroused the jealousy of journalists and set alarm bells ringing

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