Thursday, August 26, 2004


John Kerry media jackals go after swift boat veterans Deeply worried that the swift boat veterans' ads are damaging John Kerry his media pals intensified their smear campaign to destroy the credibility of these veterans
John Kerry and his anti-American IPS playmates John Kerry collaborated with the infamous pro-Castro Institute for Policy Studies in undermining the military and sabotaging the CIA
Don't forget 'The John Kerry Committee' John Kerry used his Senate position to help Nicaragua's Marxist-Leninists stay in power
The consumption fallacy: another lesson for the US economy Consumption does nothing to improve the US economy because it does nothing to increase productivity
Scott Peterson trial: Don't you cry for Amber Frey Why the whole Scott Peterson trial is revolting and disgusting within itself
Economic reality and the self-righteous ignorance of the left Our economic meddlers are back in the news with the loopy idea that they can raise living standards by legislating for higher real wages

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