Saturday, September 11, 2004


An unholy coalition against cheap goods for all Americans: "With jobs and trade both hot-button election issues, a coalition of business and union groups Thursday pushed the Bush administration to punish China for alleged unfair trade practices... The coalition of steelmakers, textile companies and organized labor — the AFL-CIO and unions representing steelworkers and autoworkers — argues that the currency peg amounts to manipulation by Beijing. By keeping the value of its currency artificially low, China enables its goods to undercut prices of rival products by as much as 40%, U.S. manufacturers say."

Unions leaders support mass immigration and betray their members "Immigration hurts salaried and wage-earning Americans because an increase in the supply of anything [such as labor] reduces its price -- in this case, compensation for labor. The more people who compete for the same job, the less in wages and benefits employers need to offer. .... labor union leaders .. espouse mass immigration, including even illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens. AFL-CIO spokeswoman Kathy Roeder let the cat out of the bag by admitting the reason: "We're always looking for opportunities for people to join unions. That's our number one reason for working with immigrants"". And PID says that the love-affair of the Australian Left with multiculturalism and immigration is also making them traitors to the class they claim to represent.

Ignorant Leftist labour policy: "David Bacon, "a labor journalist and photographer," lives in the fantasy land where supply and demand have no necessary relationship. He writes of efforts to ease the rivalry between blacks and illegal immigrants over jobs. His solution: legislation legalizing those who have broken immigration laws for five years or more, combined with even more anti-discrimination enforcement, including mandatory "outreach" employees for hotels. Umm, Dave, I hate to break it to you, but increasing supply tends to drive down prices. People with few skills are inherently in competition with one another. Legalization of illegal aliens who cross the border and stay will lead to increased illegal immigration, and drive down wages further". But coercion is all the Left knows or understands.


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