Friday, September 17, 2004


WHAT? "U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says he hopes to be able to remove Saudi Arabia from the State Department list of religiously intolerant countries."

There is an article in "National Review" (full copy here) about American bookshops that I find quite amazing. It records the immense lengths American booksellers go to in order to suppress the circulation of conservative books. And the sales clerks in American bookshops appear to be the worst offenders. There is a heap of comments here from lots of other American conservatives confirming the truth of the story. I cannot imagine any such thing happening in Australia and I have certainly never encountered any shred of it. I guess Australia just is both a less polarized and more conservative country. But the story is of course yet another instance of how instinctively Leftists rely on censorship. They just cannot afford for the full truth on anything political to become known.

AOL users: A lot of your email is getting bounced back to the sender without being delivered at the moment. It has been happening to emails that I have sent to various AOL users over the last week or so. Get yourself a Yahoo address would be my advice.

An amusing article here about the editor of "Harpers" magazine. He says conservatives have no ideas despite the fact that he used to publish heaps of articles by conservatives when the magazine was independent. Now that the magazine depends on grants from Left-wing foundations for its survival, he has changed his tune, funnily enough! His only explanation for the influence that conservative ideas now have is the influence of conservative foundations. But Leftist foundations are miles bigger than conservative ones so he again reduces himself to absurdity. He is also the clown who wrote a report about what happened at the GOP convention before the convention had actually commenced! What loonies Leftist foundations hire! I guess they don't have much choice.

Scott Burgess has a report about an addled Left-wing journalist who found what she regarded as just about a perfect human society in southern Bavaria but who could not handle the fact that all the people concerned were white! Her "solution" to the non-existent "problem"? They need some blacks! Leftists just hate ordinary people so cannot bear to see them happily getting on with their own lives. Destroying people's happiness is their specialty. They are just fundamentally destructive people.

There is a great advertisement for an IBM electric typewriter here. Dan Rather will no doubt be bidding.

That good ol' "projection" again: "Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry accused President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney of running a 'shameful and outrageous' campaign to win reelection. In an interview conducted by Time magazine, Kerry said Republicans are desperate to hold on to the White House and will use any means necessary to do so.... 'I think the president's unwillingness to walk away from those comments makes it clear that he and the vice president will say anything and do anything to get elected and hold onto power,' Kerry said"

Left-leaning and Nobel prize-winning South African novelist Nadine Gordimer is trying to censor a biography of her. A South African reader writes: "All because Roberts used certain quotes from her that reveal the serpent behind the mask. Gordimer always portrays Afrikaners as really dumb, low-class fools in her work - she is a racist. Even fellow lefties here in SA call her "humourless". Her books don't sell in SA. Only the Swedes think she's a great writer."

"One of Toronto's Jewish groups wants to tear a piece off PETA. The Canadian Jewish Congress is furious over a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaign called "Holocaust on Your Plate" that compares animals being slaughtered with Nazi death camps".

What a nasty headline -- from Reuters, of course: "Miss America to Showcase More Skin, Less Talent"

There is a new blog called Catholic Kerry Watch.

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Anti-Americanism is in epidemic proportions in France and Germany but most people don't realize that it is in epidemic proportions in South Korea too. And what do those three countries have in common? They were liberated by America. And what is probably the most pro-American country in the world? Poland. They liberated themselves. Ego defeats rationality all the time.

The conflict between conservatives and Leftists is not usually a conflict between realists and idealists. Mostly it is a conflict between realists and big egos who will say anything to win applause

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