Friday, October 01, 2004


I said most of what I want to say about Straussians and the neocons on 21st. but I cannot help noting again that the "neocons" generally and Straussians in particular are everybody's favourite villain at the moment. We see here (in an article by De Lorenzo) how an attack on the Straussians by a Leftist professor is being welcomed by libertarians!

It's just scapegoating of course -- something Jews are all too familiar with. Instead of blaming a huge segment of the American people for supporting the policies of President Bush, moral cowards pick on a small group of history freaks instead. Hitler did the same. Instead of blaming the German people because so many of them went "Red" after WW1, he blamed the Jews for "manipulating" them. It's all in Mein Kampf.

One of the bones of contention between libertarians and Straussians centres around the contempt which many libertarians feel for Abraham Lincoln. I share the libertarian view. A man who brought about the death of half a million Americans in order to "free the slaves" -- when every other country in the world freed the slaves without a drop of blood being spilt -- is an utter monster in my view. Straussians however take the conventional view of Lincoln as a hero. De Lorenzo is of course one of the chief proponents of the libertarian view. There is a counterblast at him over that from a Straussian here.


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