Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I must say that I have been totally surprised at the way the American Left has dropped the mask in the post-election period. These great advocates of equality and mockers of IQ are suddenly breaking out all over to proclaim that they are elitists and saying how much more intelligent they are than anyone else; these great defenders of the common man have suddenly started to abuse in the vilest terms all the common men who voted for George Bush; these pretenders to such high principles as "tolerance" and "compassion" have suddenly started admitting that only power matters to them; and these great opponents of racism are abusing America's most prominent black woman using the vilest racial slurs and images (e.g. here). All the things that I have long said about the Left are suddenly being confirmed by Leftists themselves.

Tyrrell proclaimed in the 80s that the American Left was undergoing a "crackup". I think it is clear now that the crackup is complete. If the Democrat party is ever to win national elections again it will have to do what the Australian Labor party did years ago -- firmly distance itself from such loonies and become little more than an alternative conservative party. Now that they have given up pretending to be what they are not, real Leftists have put themselves outside mainstream politics.

There are some good posts showing the utter lack of any consistent principle in Leftist arguments here and here and here.


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