Friday, January 28, 2005


The suicide bomber who blew himself up in a U.S. mess hall in Mosul, Iraq, on Dec. 21 was Saudi Arabian, according to the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat. Ahmed Said Ahmed al-Ghamdi killed 22 people. His profile upsets the conventional - and faulty - perception of terrorists as uneducated, poor and desperate individuals. Al-Ghamdi was well-educated - a medical student. And he came from a wealthy and well-connected Saudi Arabian family. His father is a Saudi ambassador....

Why would young men like the al-Ghamdis answer the call of jihad to kill Americans? An answer can be found in an article published three days before the Mosul bombing in the Saudi government daily Al-Watan. In it, reporter Fakriya Ahmad charges that American military forces in Iraq are savagely harvesting the organs of Iraqi insurgents to sell in the United States. Medical teams following the troops allegedly offer "$40 for every usable kidney and $25 for an eye," according to translations by the Middle East Media Research Institute. Some are taken from wounded fighters who are still alive, and then they're put to death, their mutilated bodies burned to conceal the crime.

Fantastic conspiracy theories are commonplace in the Middle Eastern media. Zionist plots abound, such as the threat to emasculate the men of Khartoum, Sudan, using "laser controlled, surgical robots" disguised as combs. That 2003 story, too, came from Al-Watan. Such myths, while serving to remind people of the ever-present danger posed by the devious Jews, are subordinate to a more important theme. The paramount message is that every hardship and catastrophic event, whether man-made or seemingly an act of God, is in reality the result of the evil forces of Western imperialism, with the United States and Israel as its vanguard.

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