Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Once again I give links to what I think are the best posts for the week on my various blogs:

Dissecting Leftism has a defence of Wal-Mart

Political Correctness Watch notes that black homophobia is now being blamed on whites

Greenie Watch notes that the Greenies seem to have decided that DDT is OK after all

MarxWords notes that Engels claimed that Germany had a right to conquer other lands because it was more "civilized"

Scripture blog shows why John 1:3 undermines the Trinity doctrine

Gun Watch shows how GWB is helping gun owners

Socialized Medicine shows that drug companies do actually help the poor of the world

Leftists as Elitists looks at some of the disgusting ideas of Peter Singer

Education Watch says that even Europe offers more educational choice than the USA

On Majority Rights I question the idea that climate has much influence on what we are.


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