Saturday, February 05, 2005


There is so much distortion and evasion on Left/liberal blogs that I mostly do not know where to start in commenting on it so I leave the job to other conservative bloggers. But in that spirit of loyalty to friends which I regard as a major conservative virtue, I am going to say something about an attack on Keith Burgess Jackson by Liberal Avenger. I am also moved to reply because the attack does illustrate something that is quite pervasive among Leftists -- slippery standards. Leftists have no fixed principles. If a principle suits their rhetorical needs of today they will proclaim their loyalty to it -- and then cheerfully adopt the opposite principle tomorrow if that happens to suit the rhetorical needs of that day.

Some context first: One of the most pervasive themes in Leftist apologetics is that good intentions are what really matters. Leftists go into paroxysms of condemnation of anybody who is or was a Nazi but smile indulgently on people who were or are Communists. To conservatives, of course, both Communists and Nazis were brutal mass-murderers who deserve no exculpation. But what Leftists say is that Communists were really "idealistic" and "well-intentioned" so cannot be held to blame for anything. Their good intentions are all that matters in any evaluation of them. So it is perfectly proper to wear shirts emblazoned with images of the murderous Che Guevara but worthy of a fainting fit if anybody wears a swastika armband. So at the height of the Cold War the Soviet Communists were often referred to as being simply "liberals in a hurry". The obvious corollary -- that "liberals" are just slowed-down Communists -- tended not to be mentioned.

So what is Liberal Avenger's explanation of why the Left do not celebrate anything to do with the American intervention in Iraq? He says that only results count! He says that Leftists/liberals will only applaud the American intervention in Iraq when all the difficulties there have been overcome and it is a peaceful democracy with no more American troops on its soil. The good intentions of the Bush administration -- such as the removal of a Fascist dictator, the protection of America from possible WMDs and the promotion of democracy -- do not matter at all and are no cause for praise. What is cause for praise in Communists is justification for nothing more than abuse in George W. Bush. It would be hard to find a clearer example of fake principles.



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