Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Once again I pick out what I think are my best posts for the week:

On Dissecting Leftism I point out that what the racist "Far Right" believe today is virtually the same as what Leftists once believed.

On Political Correctness Watch I note evidence against the Leftist claim that self-esteem is all-important for mental health

On Greenie Watch I note that Greenies are the new imperialists

On Education Watch I note academic double standards. Freedom of speech is only for Leftists.

On Socialized Medicine I note that huge savings in health care costs can come from improved efficiencies

On Gun Watch I note the idiocy of ballistic fingerprinting

On Leftists as Elitists I point out what an elitist Michael Moore is

On A scripture blog I ask was Jesus a Leftist?

On MarxWords I note that Marx referred to one of his "friends" as a "Jewish Nigger"

On Majority Rights I point out that the founder of modern conservatism was a Jew


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