Saturday, March 26, 2005


US economy and current account deficit fallacies If those who claim that the strength of the US economy is driving the current account deficit were right then the dollar would not be falling. But what can one expect when from January 2001 to December 2004 M1 grew by 27 per cent?
Mistaken identities & the Paddy McGuinness fiasco 'Well I never! Guess what? Media Watch sprung that old fool Paddy McGuinness. Old Paddy got himself in hot water by publicly accusing Ali bin Ramsey of not doing what he himself did not do
China's economy is a stunted giant It will be a great many years before China can pose a real military threat to the US, unless Americans do something incredibly stupid like handing both Houses and the Oval Office over to the Democrats
Four myths of the Asian economic crisis The depth and suddenness of the economic crisis that swept through the Asian economies took most economists and investment advisers by complete surprise. It shouldn't have
Louisiana Governor swoons over Castro Observe the moralizing and humbug by U.S. political and business hucksters when they visit Cuba
The state creates the black market What is the connection between the various methods used by the many crime gangs and paramilitary forces to enrich themselves?

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