Thursday, April 21, 2005


I get a fair bit of email from Leftists, most of it purely abusive. The writers obviously cannot think that abuse will persuade me of anything so I take such emails as showing that the writers have such a strong hatred in them that it just has to be expressed. Many Leftist bloggers are no different. Ever since I pointed out some slippery standards in his writing, Mr Hatespeech (a.k.a. "antiwar" blogger Liberal Avenger) has frothed rage at me on a couple of occasions. I replied to his latest outburst of hatepeech two days ago and in the course of my reply mentioned his real name -- Brian MacKenzie. Yesterday I got an email from him that read: "Thanks for posting my name, shitbag. I thought you'd enjoy this". Since I found his name via a quick net search that anyone could have done, I see that email as yet another outburst of irrational rage. The site he referred me to is written by a Leftist friend of his who spouts a great torrent of unsubstantiated and hate-filled Leftist assertions but it also includes reference to a "friend" identified only as "B" who is said to own 40 handguns. The post also goes on to say:

"The one thing I think many a liberal is wrong on is reflexively renouncing violence in all cases. Violence is a very, very bad thing. We don't like violence. Boo violence. But you know when people say that violence is no way to solve problems? Bullshit: It's often a great way to solve problems. Yes, some people can be talked to, and are responsive to reason. Violence should not be a first recourse, but that doesn't change the fact that some people really need to be beaten to death with a length of closet pole. Obviously I'm being facetious: You'd only use a length of closet pole if you had nothing else handy."

That I was referred to that particular site is rather Delphic but perhaps I am meant to infer that "B" stands for "Brian" (MacKenzie) and that I am in danger of the violence that the author of the site threatens. The more contact one has with such people the easier it is to recognize how close to the surface of allegedly "compassionate" and "antiwar" Leftism is the sort of real hatred and violence that was exhibited by such monsters as Stalin and Pol Pot. That they have such conflicting motivations shows how messed-up their heads are, though.



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