Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Once again I pick out what I think are my best posts for the week:

On Dissecting Leftism I lookat the problem of rogue judges and note that they CAN be sacked.

On Greenie Watch I note how Greenies depend on ad hominem arguments

On Political Correctness Watch I note that "tolerant" Sweden has re-banned prostitution

On Leftists as Elitists I report a survey showing that Leftist activists are mostly from privileged backgrounds

On Gun Watch I note an incident showing how lifesaving guns can be on yachts.

On Education Watch I have a report about another academic fruitcake

On Socialized Medicine I report how an incompetent Pakistani doctor known informally as "Dr Death" worked for years in a public hospital.

On Marx Words I have quotes showing that both Marx and Engels thought that the Chinese suffered from hereditary stupidity

On Majority Rights I look at "The Simpsons" as an antidote to political correctness

On Blogger News I ask whether the late Pope was a conservative. I have subsequently spelt that out a bit more here (or here)


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