Friday, June 17, 2005


A Brit with his head firmly stuck up his anus: "Sir Gus, the present Permanent Secretary at the Treasury, said that he passionately believed that what he described as "our excellent, professional and impartial Civil Service" was an asset to the country." [One wonders how often he has had to deal with British bureaucrats as a member of the public]

Whoopee! "Jacques Chirac suffered a double blow as the EU summit opened last night when he was forced to admit defeat over the European constitution, and Tony Blair won powerful allies for his campaign to cut French agricultural subsidies. Mr Blair feared isolation in his battle over Britain’s £3 billion rebate unless there was a thorough overhaul of EU farm spending as well. But Dutch and Swedish leaders backed the Prime Minister’s call for the £600 billion budget to be reduced, and Mr Blair received a surprise incentive to stall in negotiations when the conservative politician expected to be Germany’s next leader told France to cut back its agricultural subsidies".

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day: "France opened a third front with Britain on the eve of today's European Union summit by publicly voicing grave reservations about Turkey's impending membership. The statement yesterday by Dominique de Villepin, the new French Prime Minister, increased the tension surrounding a summit that is already engulfed in bitter disputes over the EU budget and constitution. Britain has insisted enlargement will be a priority during its EU presidency, which begins next month, and will proceed on schedule.... Earlier, M de Villepin told the French parliament that the results of its referendum on the EU constitution had shown the speed of enlargement had shaken EU citizens. "We must take it into account," he said. Bulgaria and Romania should be admitted in 2007, but "beyond that we must certainly open a discussion with our partners on the mode of future enlargements". He did not mention Turkey by name but was clearly refering to the poor, predominantly Muslim country which is due to start membership talks with the EU on October 3."

Go for him! "The defence lawyer who won Michael Jackson his freedom is believed to be considering suing the Santa Barbara District Attorney for "malicious prosecution". Thomas Mesereau Jr is also said to be demanding that the defeated prosecutor, Tom "Mad Dog" Sneddon, give back the photographs taken of Mr Jackson's genitals during a 1993 investigation into abuse claims. Mr Jackson said the photographs, taken by detectives, were one of the most humiliating experiences of his life. His legal team are believed to fear that Mr Sneddon may leak the images to the public in revenge for losing the case". [The whole case was an evidence-free publicity stunt which must have been extremely distressing for a mess like Jackson]

Leftist bishop hates free speech: "The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has criticised the new web-based media for "paranoid fantasy, self-indulgent nonsense and dangerous bigotry". He described the atmosphere on the world wide web as a free-for-all that was "close to that of unpoliced conversation". In a lecture to media professionals, politicians and church leaders at Lambeth Palace in London last night, Dr Williams wondered whether a balance could be struck between the professionalism of the classical media and the relative disorder of online communication. ["professionalism"!! Is that a new word for Leftist sycophancy?]

Truth hurts: "Goodness gracious, she [Judge Brown] dared say it and the New York Times - the voice of collectivism in the U.S. - and all its Marxist allies are aghast. An appointee to the federal judiciary, no less, dared to describe the New Deal for what it was: a socialist revolution. For this egregious offense she must be pilloried and cast into the outer darkness inhabited by those who offend the mighty Times, whose omniscience must never be questioned and before whom all right-thinking Americans must cower in humble obeisance."

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