Thursday, July 21, 2005

Brookes News Update

US economy, production and jobs : Explains why America's unemployment rate remained very low in late 2000 even as manufacturing employment continued to fall
Liberal Party labour market reform founders on ineptitude: Liberal Party advisers have clearly failed to grasp the fact that significant and lasting labour market reform is unlikely to be implemented unless the union myth of raising real wages for everyone is demolished in the public mind
Liberal Party won't defend labour market reform against ignorant priests: Economic growth is the only real safety net the poor have, not unions, clerics or political hacks. So why can't the Liberal Party get this fundamental fact out among the public?
The Anniversary of Fidel Castro's Massacre of the Innocent: On 13 July 1994 the sadistic Castro ordered the massacre of a group of children. And to think this monster is the hero of Western intellectuals
The London bombings and the reaction to jihad: At least there are some in the media who are not afraid to speak out against those who excuse Islamofascist barbarism
Human slavery and pornography, at home and abroad: As pornography moves into the mainstream trafficking in women and children for purposes of sex is increasing


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