Saturday, July 30, 2005

Brookes News Update

US interest rates, growth and China : It's the Fed's monetary policy that has been driving the trade deficit and interest rates and not Chinese exports. If there is ever a run on the dollar, blame Greenspan - not Beijing
US Immigration: The Wall Street Journal gets it wrong - again: Stephen Moore, a member of 'The Wall Street Journal's' editorial board, boldly and proudly supports the pro-immigrant side - and gets it badly wrong
How useful is macro-economic data?: Macro-economic indicators are fictitious devices used by governments to justify intervention with businesses. They tell us very little about wealth formation and thus individuals' well-being
The day after terrorists bombed London G8 gave Palestinian terrorists $9 billion: What a 'wonderful' gift! I wonder how many more Jews will have to die more from bombs purchased using the money from Israel's "friends"?
Separation of church and state: myth and reality: Liberals have been indoctrinating American children with lies about the First Amendment. Separation of church and state does not appear anywhere in the Constitution


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