Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cricket: My hearty congratulations to the England team for just barely managing to pull it off this time. Doggedness is rewarded in the end. Cricket is of course the world’s most widely-played bat-and-ball game, thanks to its avid following in the Indian subcontinent. How odd that the British invented most of the popular sports —tennis, cricket, golf, soccer etc and yet are usually so bad at sporting competitions.

BNP Update: It is a great relief to me personally that the threat of a Fascist Britain has receded. The British police realized that they didn't have a legal leg to stand on in seizing the BNP paper and released it eventually. "At about 1800hrs today (12th) two BNP officials received telephone calls from Kent Police who admitted they made a mistake and that the print run of 60,000 copies of our monthly newspaper can be uplifted at the earliest opportunity from the HM Customs compound at Dover docks.... The news came as a response to a legal letter delivered by a barrister, acting on behalf of the BNP that we would press for “serious and maximum damages” against Kent Constabulary for the loss of earnings from our newspaper and a further expectation of taking the Force to the European Court of Human Rights. [An online copy of page 1 of the seized publication can be accessed here (PDF).]

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