Saturday, October 22, 2005

Brookes News Update

US economy, trade deficit and monetary policy: Because of the sheer size of its economy, a monetary-induced deficit by the United States distorts the pattern of international trade as well as disarranging internal investment
Labour market reform attacked by Paul Keating: Keating's attack on labour market reform at least served the purpose of demonstrating just how bad the critics' so-called economic thinking is
Labour market reform and productivity: Liberal Party stuffs it up again: When it comes to productivity and labour market reform the Liberal Government and its advisers just cannot get it right
Liberal Party treats members with contempt: I am not surprised that Liberal Party membership is shrinking. What can one expect when it treats ordinary members with contempt
Does consumer confidence raise economic activity?: The view that by means of opinion surveys one can ascertain the future direction of an economy is somewhat questionable
Australian economy: Inflation and jobs: Critics of 'fight inflation first' policies are wrong. The unemployment they attack is the cost of having inflation
Deflation and economic confusion: Deflation is a greatly misunderstood phenomenon. In fact, I am inclined to go so far as to suggest that very few Australians actually know what it means


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