Saturday, October 01, 2005

Brookes News Update

Will the baby boomers cure Australia's unemployment?: Commentators have yet to realise that the contention that retiring baby boomers will cure our unemployment supports the economic argument that unemployment is caused by over pricing labour
CIA intelligence failures, Iraq War and the Democrats' treason: Democratic Congressmen went out of their way to cripple America's intelligence agencies. In this endeavour they had the aid and encouragement of the Washington-based Institute of Policy Studies
Consumption and economic growth: the economic fallacy that won't die : The economic situation in America, China and Australia has brought into focus the old economic fallacy that consumption drives the economy
Money supply and the velocity myth: Doing nothing as far as the central bank and the government are concerned is the best policy. For it is active governments and central banks that cause the boom-bust cycle
Australian economy: unions, minimum wages and unemployment: Fallacies about the desirability of minimum wages are like noxious weeds, they just keep on returning. And now the Australian Council of Trade Unions is at it again


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