Saturday, November 19, 2005

Brookes News Update

US economy, Ben Bernanke and recession: Ben Bernanke, the new Fed Chairman, could be seriously misinterpreting economic data. If so, the consequences could be very severe
Is the Australian economy sinking into recession?: Economic indicators are looking bad for the Australian economy. Profits are being slashed and productivity is dropping
Liberal Government's labour market reforms looking shabbier -- so who's to blame?: The Government does not seem to understand that some of its claims are bogus -- unless it believes labour markets were freer in the 1960s than they are today?
Jobs and income security: another union myth: It is impossible for unions to bring about a permanent increase in real wages for everyone. Only by raising the amount of capital invested per head of the population can this be achieved
Economic growth, exports and falling currencies: Would a depreciation of the dollar promote exports and stimulate growth?
Why payroll taxes are really income taxes: Payroll taxes are not similar to so-called consumption taxes: and they can be no more passed on in the form of higher prices than can taxes on profits. They are part of the gross wage


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