Friday, December 16, 2005

Brookes News Update

Central economic planning makes a comeback: It looks as if the Australian Labor Party is about to put industry policy, aka central planning, back on the drawing board
Our rightwing failed on labour market reform and minimum wages: When it comes to debates about the minimum wage Australia's rightwing is in dire need of support. As I am here to help, I shall do what I can to assist them. After all, it is Christmas
Why the Palestinians should be terrified of Iran?: The Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia either become colonial subjects of Iran or they put themselves under the protection of Israel's nuclear umbrella
A socialist economist spews garbage on tariffs: Evan Jones, a socialist 'economist', made the absurd argument that tariffs lower prices
America's Ship of Fools: By failing to privatize we are sticking our kids with the impossible task of paying for our increasingly greater numbers of elderly citizens
Businesses do not pay wages -- consumers do: The nature of wages and purchasing power is something politicians, particularly Liberal politicians, seem incapable of grasping, not that most businessmen or CEOs are much better
Why are only Jews deported?: Critics of Israel love selective mentioning of UN resolutions, but they do not like when people actually read the original text of the resolutions



Iran is being run by a full-on fruitcake: "Iran's hard-line president lashed out with a new outburst at Israel on Wednesday, calling the Nazi Holocaust a "myth" used as a pretext for carving out a Jewish state in the heart of the Muslim world. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's comments drew quick condemnations from Israel, the United States and Europe, which warned he is hurting Iran's position in talks aimed at resolving suspicions about his regime's nuclear program. The White House said his remarks showed why Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Germany, one of three European Union countries leading the nuclear talks, called his statements "shocking and unacceptable.""

Child abuse by Planned Parenthoiod: "In the "Shared Stories" section of the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate web site, the group published a letter in which a young girl praises Planned Parenthood for not telling her parents that she was raped by her 17-year-old boyfriend when she was just 11 years old. Neither the letter itself nor Planned Parenthood made any mention of Planned Parenthood alerting law enforcement to this sexual abuse of an 11-year-old child."

French intransigence: "French farmers were accused of holding Europe and the world to ransom yesterday after official figures obtained by The Times revealed just how far European Union subsidies are skewed in their favour. Three times as many French farmers receive large subsidies from the EU than those of any other country. In total, France receives almost twice as much direct subsidies for its farmers as any other member state, and they are mostly channelled to large farmers rather than traditional small-scale land holders. Despite the huge discrepancies France steadfastly refuses to countenance any reduction in farm subsidies, bringing the EU budget negotiations in Brussels and the World Trade Organisation talks in Hong Kong, both climaxing this week, to the brink of collapse".

Iraqis defy terrorists: "One anecdote from Mosul," said General Peter Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when he spoke at the National Defense University earlier this month. "There was a police recruiting station. Forty young men lined up to sign up to become Iraqi policemen. A vehicle-borne IED explodes -- kills or badly injures 12 of them. The next day, the 28 remaining return to the same spot to sign up to be policemen. "And that kind of courage," the general told his audience, "is being shown across Iraq by literally thousands and thousands of Iraqis who want to serve their country.""

Tax bills soaring in socialist Scotland: "MSPs exploded ministers' claims that council tax rises next year could be pegged at 2.5 per cent, saying it was possible they could even reach 6.6 per cent. A devastating report from the Scottish Parliament's cross-party finance committee on the Executive's draft budget for the next financial year also said that, despite ministerial protestations to the contrary, councils were facing a funding shortfall of 85 million pounds, as well as having to find 58.5 million in efficiency savings".

The execution of thug Tookie Williams has brought forth the usual Leftist lies about capital punishment having no deterrent effect. Mike Tremoglie gives you the facts.

The "Dark Ages" myth: "Some of the "Dark Ages" innovations that show the folly of considering Greek and Roman culture the apex of civilization until recent times: The perfection and widespread use of waterwheels, windmills, and pumps, the invention of the compass, stirrups, the crossbow, canons, effective horse harnesses, eyeglasses, clocks, chimneys, violins, double-entry bookkeeping, and insurance? This list doesn't begin to do justice to this era that historians of science now refer to as an age of remarkable innovation and discovery. Perhaps the most revealing instance involves the "story" that in order to gain backing for his great voyage west, Columbus had to struggle against ignorant and superstitious churchmen who were certain that the earth was flat. Truth was that all educated Europeans, including bishops and cardinals, knew the earth was round. What produced church opposition to the Columbus voyage was that Columbus believed the circumference of the earth was only about one-fifth of its actual distance. Thus, the church scholars who opposed him did so because they knew that he and his sailors were bound to perish at sea. And they would have done so had the Western Hemisphere not been there to replenish their food and water". (See also here and here).

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Practically all policies advocated by the Left create poverty. Leftists get the government to waste vast slabs of the country's labour-force on bureaucracy and paperwork and so load the burden of providing most useful goods and services onto fewer and fewer people. So fewer useful goods and services are produced to go around. That is no accident. The Left love the poor. The Left need the poor so that they can feel good by patronizing and "helping" them. So they do their best to create as many poor people as possible.

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialistisch)

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