Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The destruction of Rhodesia

This is just a post for those interested in 20th century history. If you don't know anything about the Rhodesia controversy, however, something I wrote over 30 years ago might provide a useful quick update. Now that Zimbabwe (Rhodesia's successor State) is one of the most brutal and mismanaged countries on earth an email I received recently is interesting:

"At some time in the early to mid-1990s, Ian Smith gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington. The auditorium was packed, the lobby was packed, and the crowd spilled out of the building. It was the largest turn-out for such a gathering that I have seen in 20+ years. Most of those in attendance were too young to remember the "Unilateral Declaration of Independence" of 1965, and could barely remember the betrayal of 1980. However, they had some inkling of what this man had done and what he had tried to do, and were there to see a living remnant of 20th century history. Smith was completely forthright about what his goal had been: the defense of Western Civilisation -- nothing more and certainly nothing less. The respect accorded him verged on reverence, and he was thronged with autograph seekers.

Yes, Mrs. Thatcher should have dismissed the advice she was given in 1980 (along with the advisors who offered it) and retained Muzorewa. But the real villain of the piece is the clueless Harold Wilson and the gaggle of parlour pinks who surrounded him and ran his government in the swinging '60s. They got the praise of the Wise and Good, their honours and their pensions, but the horrific price was paid by the immiserated unfortunates down in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe."


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