Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Islam as a good religion for dummies

As far as I know this analysis is completely unoriginal but I feel it needs to be more widely known

IQ tests suggest that Arabs are dumb. And despite vast propaganda to the contrary, their (lack of) intellectual achievements bears that out. See here.

So why have they succeeded in imposing their brutal religion on over a billion people? That is pretty good.

Randall Parker has often pointed out the answer to that. It is because of polygamy. Under polygamy, the rich and smart guys get all the women and leave lots of young Muslim men with no female access. So what do they do with their energies? -- energies that were designed to cope with the large task of caring for a family?

They go to war. They throw their lives away. Suicide bombers are a vivid example of that but reckless aggression as troops in an army fulfils a similar function.

So polygamy makes big numbers of young Muslim males careless of their lives. And that did historically make them fearsome opponents of more traditionally motivated men. Their armies won for a long time because the individuals in those armies fought with such careless aggression and reckless abandon.

So polygamy produced virtual military robots -- destructive of the robots but effective. And most effective BECAUSE of the limited intelligence of those involved. Smarter young men would have found other ways of using their lives.


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