Saturday, April 29, 2006


Readers who logged on to TONGUE-TIED at various times in the last 12 hours or so found the blog "down". The firm hosting the blog -- Hosting Matters -- hosts a number of big-time conservative blogs such as LGF and Powerline and they came under a DOS (Denial of Service) attack from cyberjihadis in Saudi Arabia. Michelle Malkin has the details. Hosting Matters blocked the attack after a while and restored service, but as I write TONGUE-TIED is down again.

Readers who had bookmarked this site were able to continue reading, however.

In the four years I have had this blog up on blogspot, I cannot recall a successful DOS attack on them. Maybe they are too big for it, or something. They do have plenty of service outages, of course, but that always seems to be the result of their own bungling.


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