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(Binyamin Netanyahu is a leading Israeli conservative and member of the Knesset)

To Netanyahu, the rise of Iran's extremist regime is the defining geopolitical event of our times; the whole world, not just Israel, is in its sights. Dealing with Tehran is therefore the West's greatest challenge; he is scathing about many Europeans' refusal to recognise the Iranian regime's imperialistic and murderous ambitions. But to my great surprise he is absolutely convinced that America will soon step in, one way or the other, to prevent Tehran from going nuclear, and that this will happen at some point during the remaining two years and three months of the Bush presidency.

`When President Bush said that he will not let Iran develop nuclear weapons, I take him at his word,' he said, quietly. `How he plans to do it of course is up to him. The fact is that the President of the US said that he - he - would not let Iran develop nuclear weapons. That places first a clear goal. It doesn't define the means, and as you know there is a United Nations resolution, but it does define a time-limit for the achievement of that goal. The timeframe is a logical inference. I take him at his word. Why doubt it?'...

I pressed Netanyahu further, asking him whether he thought it would be feasible for the US to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities by force, given that their nuclear research programme is spread across Iran and buried in bunkers deep underground. But Netanyahu simply shrugged. `Just listen to Bush. He obviously thinks he has some combination of means: diplomatic, military, whatever.'

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Brookes News Update

The Wall Street Journal's immigration fallacies and US wage rates: When it comes to the economics of immigration the Wall Street Journal can be remarkably obtuse in its drive for open borders. Not only is the Journal's economics shonky on this matter it also ignores what is happening in Dearborn. For most Americans one Dearborn is one too many
US economy: Wall Street, GDP and wingnuts: The problem with Gross National Product is that it is not gross but net and hence leaves out an enormous amount of spending that maintains the capital structure. By using GDP economists therefore miss vital data. However, some critics think that anyone who questions GDP on these grounds must be a "wingnut". This article is my defence"
Australian economy: the Labor Party and the unions put economic planning back on the drawing board: Unions and the Australian labor Party have declared that economic planning is back on board, only they call it industry policy. Anyone with such remarkable foresight would be immensely rich. But I don't see the Creans of this world putting their money where their ambitions are
Thank you, Hezbollah: A Lebanese doctor thanks Hezbollah's Islamo-fascists for all the wonderful things they have done for his country. Things like destroying the economy, inciting hatred, provoking war, etc
Time for Israel to think about annexation and transfer: Only Israel warns the enemy by, television, leaflet and radio, even calling people on the phone to tell them they must leave specific areas because they are going to be attacked. But the Islamo-Nazi terrorists strike without warning at defenceless Israeli civilian targets
Islamo-fascist terror plot thwarted by methods the Democrats condemn: An Islamo-Nazi terror plot to massacre thousands of British and American airline passengers was uncovered by British and foreign intelligence agencies. Nevertheless, the Democrats still refuse to read the message
Islamo-fascists' useful idiots: Why do Western intellectuals prostitute themselves for the Islamofascist cause? Why do they willingly act as useful idiots for a mob of sadistic savages that despises them and wants to destroy the West?
UN funding the indoctrination of children into Islamo-Nazi terrorism: The Jew-hating intellectuals favourite organization the UN is using Western funds to indoctrinate Arab children in to hating Israel and Jews. So why is the UN collaborating with the Islamo-Nazis' anti-Semitic hate machine?
Say hello to the neo-McGovernites: It's 1972 again with the blame-America-first neo-McGovernites taking over the Democrata' Party. Led by the woeful likes of Lamont and funded by the megalomaniac Soros these lemmings think we can negotiate with Islamo-Nazis, which means giving legitimacy to the terrorists' claims and goals



The jihadists are using Israel to distract and lull the West: "Besides being anti-Semitic themselves, the Nazis used anti-Semitism brilliantly to subvert other countries and societies. Though Nazism was (among other things) a form of German expansionism, wherever there were anti-Semites the Germans would also find collaborators. Anti-Semitism was used by the Germans to undermine from the inside countries, societies and armies that could or would stand up to them.... Thanks to their sincere or opportunistic anti-Semitism the Germans were able to paralyse important forces in the countries and societies they wanted to defeat and submit. That's jus t what is happening once again before our very eyes. Though the Jihadists have their own clear, even megalomaniac goals, and while they kill thousands in the US or fight for Shari'a in Europe, while they complain about East Timor or fight for Kashmir, it is enough for them to involve the Jews, particularly Israel, in their struggle or their declared agenda to get the active support or at least the indifference of those in Europe, the US and elsewhere who would like to believe that their complaints, grievances and goals are restricted to or only motivated by Israel. The Jihadists... seem to have discovered through trial and error that the hatred of Jews is alive and well in the West and, as the Nazis did before, they are using it not only to further their own different goals, but to recruit collaborators and to paralyze whole countries and societies as well."

California Democrats think they're smarter investors than Buffett: David Crane is a gifted investment banker who shared his expertise with government until he was dumped from a state board that invests teacher retirement funds. Lawmakers bounced him from the board, one of the biggest players on Wall Street, after he repeatedly questioned whether state pension funds could earn enough to keep paying retirement benefits to teachers and other politically powerful employees.... Falling short of the nearly 8% return that state money managers project for those funds could create deficits of tens of billions of dollars... A decade of returns at the rate Buffett has set for retirement plans at his companies -- 6.4% -- would leave California short more than $90 billion. That is more than the entire state budget for health and human services this year, and several times what the state is spending on its university system.



"All the worth which the human being possesses, all spiritual reality, he possesses only through the State." -- 19th century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Hegel is the most influential philosopher of the Left -- inspiring Karl Marx, the American "Progressives" of the early 20th century and university socialists to this day.

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialistisch)

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