Friday, July 13, 2007

Old Testament figure named on 2600-year-old Babylonian tablet

The Bible repeatedly proves to be good history

The British Museum yesterday hailed a discovery within a clay tablet in its collection as a breakthrough for biblical archeology - proof of the accuracy of the Old Testament. The cuneiform inscription in a tablet dating from 595BC has been deciphered for the first time - revealing a reference to an official at the court of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, that proves the historical existence of a figure mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah. It is rare evidence in a non-biblical source of a real person, other than kings, featured in the Bible.

The tablet names a Babylonian officer called Nebo-Sarsekim who, according to Jeremiah 39 was present in 587BC when Nebuchadnezzar "marched against Jerusalem with his whole army and laid siege to it". The cuneiform inscription records how Nebo-Sarsekim lavished a gift of gold on the Temple of Esangila in the fabled city of Babylon, where, at least in folk tradition, Nebuchadnezzar is credited with building the Hanging Gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

British Museum staff are excited by the discovery. Irving Finkel, assistant keeper in the Department of the Middle East, said: "A mundane commercial transaction takes its place as a primary witness to one of the turning points in Old Testament history. "This is a tablet that deserves to be famous." The discovery was made by Michael Jursa, associate professor at the University of Vienna, on a research trip to the museum. "It's very exciting and very surprising," he said. "Finding something like this tablet, where we see a person mentioned in the Bible making an everyday payment to the temple in Babylon and quoting the exact date, is quite extraordinary."



Brookes News Update

President Roosevelt gave the US economy its worse economic recovery, not President Bush: As malicious as ever, democrats claimed that US economy was the worst since the Hoover administration. Now they are arguing that the economic recovery is the worst in US history. Both claims are outrageous lies that economic history easily refutes. But, as is invariably the case, economic history has important lessons for policy-makers, particularly those in the Bush administration
Financial engineering and a possible financial accident - what is the connection?: Various financial products, including ingenious montage pack ages, are causing a great deal of concern to the Feds and economic commentators. Once again it takes an economist from the Austrian school to explain what is really happening and why
Why Australia is not a low-inflation economy: Treasury, central bankers and the economic commentariat appear to congenitally incapable of grasping the true nature of inflation. As for capital theory and its tie-in with loose monetary policy, these are alien territory for our orthodox economists. I fear we could pay a heavy price for their ignorance
The sanctimonious Warren Buffett's economic illiteracy: Warren Buffett is evidently the kind of billionaire who has come to believe that his vast wealth gives him the right to govern others. And if you are that kind of person, then the Democrat Party is just the place for you
News from Iraq - the kind of news that our leftist media spikes: The news from Iraq that journalists have refused to report. It's not just Allied success stories that are being spiked but also stories about al Qaeda's indescribable cruelty. And that includes a village that they massacred. There is also a report that a child was murdered and baked by al Qaeda sadists as a warning to others. So why are the media covering for these sadistic savages?
President Bush got it right on Libby... unlike Mr. Clinton: Bush was right to act as he did with regard to Libby. What is really needed is an investigation of the vicious Fitzgerald whose disgusting behaviour was every bit as unethical and dishonest as Nifong's. The sheer vindictiveness of the judge, his contempt of legal procedure should not go unchallenged. The unethical Russert should also be held to account for his own shady behaviour. Perjury charges against Valerie Plame should, in the interest of justice, also be explored. But then, Fitzgerald, Russert and Plame are all Democrats
President Bush and the economics of deficit reduction: How it was done: The next hurdle for the Bush administration will be the sheer destructiveness of the Democrats. In dealing with Dems and their ilk one must constantly bear in mind that bad faith is their principal



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