Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bill Clinton Says Hillary Is Winning Over the Military.... Here's How:

A really fun post below lifted from Gateway Pundit

Bill Clinton told supporters at a $2,300.00-a-plate dinner last night that Hillary is winning over the military.
Here's a reminder on how Hillary is winning over the military she loathes:

The COERCION PHOTO shows that this soldier has been thru Survival School and learned his lessons well. He's giving the sign of "coercion" with his left hand. These hand signs are taught in survival school to be used by POW's as a method of posing messages back to our intelligence services who may view the photo or video. This guy was obviously being coerced into shaking hands with Hillary Clinton. It's ironic how little she knew that he would so inform us about the photo -- perhaps because she's never understood our military to begin with.



Rupert to squash the NYT: "The News Corp chairman, Rupert Murdoch, has endured criticism "normally levelled at some sort of genocidal tyrant" during the three-month stand-off over his controversial $US5.6 billion takeover of Dow Jones. In his first public comments since securing the deal, Mr Murdoch gave investors a broad-brush look at his plans, including possibly scrapping online subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal, but stayed mum on specific plans for Australia. Buying Dow Jones "positions us to become the strongest company in the world in both information and entertainment", the 76-year-old media magnate said on a conference call early yesterday. News Corp would aggressively boost the Journal's coverage of national, international and non-business news to take on The New York Times and other rivals" [With Rupert against the America-hating Pinch Sulzberger it's not even a fight]

News organizations distrusted: "More than half of Americans say US news organizations are politically biased, inaccurate, and don't care about the people they report on, a poll published Thursday showed. And poll respondents who use the Internet as their main source of news -- roughly one quarter of all Americans -- were even harsher with their criticism, the poll conducted by the Pew Research Center said. More than two-thirds of the Internet users said they felt that news organizations don't care about the people they report on; 59 percent said their reporting was inaccurate; and 64 percent they were politically biased. More than half -- 53 percent -- of Internet users also faulted the news organizations for "failing to stand up for America".

Academics vote with their money: "Nearly four years after academia donated almost $30 million to unseat George W. Bush and Republicans, college professors and others in the education field have contributed more money to federal politics than the oil industry and drugmakers, with a nearly unanimous goal of putting a Democrat in the White House. So far in the '08 election cycle, people who work for institutions of higher education have given more than $7 million to federal candidates, parties and committees, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Nearly 60 percent of that money has gone to presidential candidates. The industry's favorite, Barack Obama, has raked in nearly $1.5 million in the campaign's first six months, followed by Hillary Clinton with almost $940,000."

Alcohol nanny breathalyzers: "'Pre-emptive war' got us into a real mess in Iraq. So maybe we ought to think twice before adopting similar measures when it comes to traffic law. Specifically, when it comes to an idea floated by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to require that all new cars be fitted with an ignition interlock that can detect alcohol in the driver's system -- and shut the car down if it does. Several large automakers (including GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda) also support the idea -- and are working on ways to get these things into new cars, maybe within the next two or three years, if not sooner. Sounds OK in principle -- sort of like the idea of liberating Iraq. The devil's in the details, though."

Vegan fanatics get the punishment they deserve: "A Scottsdale woman who severely malnourished her three children was sentenced to 30 years in prison, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office announced Thursday. Kimu Parker was convicted on three counts of child abuse and received 10 years for each count, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said. The sentences will be served consecutively. "Thirty years in prison is entirely appropriate for a person who almost starved to death three defenseless children. We will strongly oppose any attempt to reduce this sentence," Thomas said in a press release. When she was arrested, Parker's 3-year-old weighed 12 pounds, her 9-year-old child weighed 29 pounds and her 11-year-old child weighed 36 pounds. The parents attributed the low weights to a strict vegan diet. The youngest child was taken to the hospital in April 2005 after suffering many seizures over the course of several hours. Police reports show the parents didn't call 911 for several hours".

In Iraqi south, Shiites press for autonomy: "When Najaf unplugged its power station from the national grid last week, it was a sign of provincial dissent over the unequal distribution of electricity. But it also indicates a new assertiveness in the south, as Iraq's regional leaders seek to wrest control from a central government in Baghdad paralyzed by political infighting. Multiple visions for unifying the county's southern provinces are emerging. The Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), one of the most powerful Shiite parties, is leading the charge to form an autonomous 'South of Baghdad Region.' But 45 southern tribal notables in Najaf last week signed their own pact that envisions creating 'the self-rule government of the unified Iraqi south.'"

More British IT bungling: "A multimillion-pound government project to give greater protection to the public by managing offenders more closely is threatened with collapse because of financial problems, The Times has learnt. Ministers have halted all further development work on the project while officials conduct an emergency review of the costings and capabilities of the 244 million programme. The crisis is the latest setback to an IT system that underpins the whole of the Government's strategy to manage offenders from conviction and during their prison sentences to supervision in the community by the Probation Service. About 155 million has already been spent on the project but this year it was revealed that there was a 33 million shortfall on capital funding. It is understood that it has now been discovered that the initial costings did not include VAT and that cancelling the project will cost the Ministry of Justice 50 million in fees to EDS, the private contractor in charge of developing the system". [The British Health Service computer system has cost 12 BILLION and is still not working!]


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