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More deceitful statistics from the MSM

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"Decades after the civil rights movement, the income gap between black and white families has grown," reports the Associated Press, citing a new Brookings Institution study. How could this be? Have all America's efforts on behalf of civil rights been in vain? Read on:
Incomes have increased among both black and white families in the past three decades--mainly because more women are in the work force. But the increase was greater among whites, according to the study being released Tuesday. One reason for the growing disparity: Incomes among black men have actually declined in the past three decades, when adjusted for inflation. They were offset only by gains among black women. Incomes among white men, meanwhile, were relatively stagnant, while those of white women increased more than fivefold.

The main story here has nothing to do with racial inequality--and while the AP presents all the relevant facts, it puts them in no particular order, so that you have to puzzle out what's actually going on. To get a clearer picture, go to the original study and look at Figure 1, on the sixth page of the PDF.

According to this chart, the median personal income for white women in their 30s was $4,021 in 1975. For black women in their 30s it was $12,063. In 2005, the figures were $22,030 for white women and $21,000 for black women.

So black women in 1974--just a decade after the Civil Rights Act--were making three times as much as their white counterparts? How can that be? The footnote gives away the game: "All men and women ages 30-39, including those with no personal income, are included in these estimates."

It seems clear that in 1974 a much higher percentage of black women than white women had paying jobs, and that in the subsequent three decades huge numbers of white women entered the work force. In this sense the real story is a closing of the gap to the detriment of whites, as necessity forces more white women to work.



Income Mobility - Moving On Up: "If you've been listening to Mike Huckabee or John Edwards on the Presidential trail, you may have heard that the U.S. is becoming a nation of rising inequality and shrinking opportunity. We'd refer those campaigns to a new study of income mobility by the Treasury Department that exposes those claims as so much populist hokum. OK, "hokum" is our word. The study, to be released today, is a careful, detailed piece of research by professional economists that avoids political judgments. But what it does do is show beyond doubt that the U.S. remains a dynamic society marked by rapid and mostly upward income mobility. Much as they always have, Americans on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder continue to climb into the middle and sometimes upper classes in remarkably short periods of time."

Stay in Iraq: Murdoch: "Rupert Murdoch has voiced his opposition to Australia withdrawing troops from Iraq, warning that any pullout would also "rupture" the coalition campaign in Afghanistan. The chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, owner of this newspaper, said yesterday that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq was almost won and should be seen through... Mr Murdoch said the soldiers should stay in Iraq regardless of the election outcome. "Australia only has a couple of hundred people there and I would hate to see them withdrawn," he said. "I think it would rupture the relationship totally, because you have got forces in Afghanistan." Mr Murdoch, professing to "know a bit about this", said the tide had turned against al-Qa'ida-linked terrorists and other insurgents in both Iraq and Afghanistan. "On the ground in Iraq and in Afghanistan, we are at the point of saying, 'you have almost won it ... you see this out'," he said. The big question now was whether strong governments could emerge in both countries."

The Jim Crow era was BETTER for blacks??: ""View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who grew up during the "Jim Crow" era, actually said that America is "not as free as it was when [she] was a kid." A few hours after this aired, Congressman Peter King (R) of New York was Steve Malzberg's guest on WOR radio. Malzberg read Whoopi's comments to King, who responded by first saying, "They are absolutely insane these people," and then explained how they "reflect that hardcore base which is driving the Democratic Party, and which is causing otherwise fairly responsible politicians in the Democratic Party to do really wrong things, and to act totally irresponsibly"

Pro-American government returned in Denmark: "Denmark's centre-right government of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has won a snap election, securing a third consecutive term in office. His Liberal-Conservative coalition and allies won 90 of the 179 seats in parliament, near complete results show. The centre-left opposition led by the Social Democrats secured 84 seats. Mr Rasmussen now faces tough talks on whether to expand the ruling bloc by including a new party led by a Syria-born Palestinian immigrant. Turnout was higher than in the previous poll, held in 2005, at over 86%."

Socialist stupidity in Venezuela: "At first glance the supermarket off Avenida Francisco Miranda appeared to be a gourmet dream. Smoked salmon in the freezer. An aisle filled with Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pesto. Another aisle stacked with Perrier, champagne and the finest Scotch. But of milk, eggs, sugar and cooking oil there was no sign. Where were they? The question yesterday prompted a puzzled look from the manager. "There isn't any. Everybody knows that. Pasta is probably the next to go," he shrugged. Welcome to Venezuela, a booming economy with a difference. Food shortages are plaguing the country at the same time that oil revenues are driving a spending splurge on imported luxury goods, prompting criticism of President Hugo Ch vez's socialist policies. Milk has all but vanished from shops. Distraught mothers ask how they are supposed to feed their infants. Many cafes and restaurants serve only black coffee... Government price controls on staple foods are so low that producers cannot make a profit, they say, and farms and businesses hesitate to invest in crops or machinery, or stockpile inventories, for fear of expropriations."

A useful non-lethal weapon for Iraq: "Researchers at Eureka Aerospace are turning a fictional concept from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious into reality: they're creating an electromagnetic system that can quickly bring a vehicle to a stop. The system, which can be attached to an automobile or aircraft carrier, sends out pulses of microwave radiation to disable the microprocessors that control the central engine functions in a car. Such a device could be used by law enforcement to stop fleeing and noncooperative vehicles at security checkpoints, or as perimeter protection for military bases, communication centers, and oil platforms in the open seas."

John Bolton gets it: "In Barry Goldwater's books, "The Conscience of the Conservative", and Why not Victory", I really found a lot of inspiration. One of the things Goldwater said in "The Conscience of the Conservative", is that his objective in coming to Washington, "was to repeal old laws, not pass new ones". I really thought that was right on target."


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