Thursday, November 01, 2007

President Bush urges Congress to pass needed spending authorizations


Congress is not getting its work done. We're near the end of the year, and there really isn't much to show for it. The House of Representatives has wasted valuable time on a constant stream of investigations, and the Senate has wasted valuable time on an endless series of failed votes to pull our troops out of Iraq. And yet there's important work to be done on behalf of the American people. They have not been able to send a single annual appropriations bill to my desk, and that's the worst record for a Congress in 20 years. One of the important responsibilities of the Congress is to pass appropriations bills. And yet the leadership that's on the Hill now cannot get that job done.

They've also passed an endless series of tax increases. You know, they proposed tax increases in the farm bill, the energy bill, the small business bill, and of course, the SCHIP bill. They haven't seen a bill they could not solve without shoving a tax hike into it. In other words, they believe in raising taxes, and we don't. Spending is skyrocketing under their leadership -- at least proposed spending is skyrocketing under their leadership. After all, they're trying to spend an additional $205 billion over the next five years. Some have said, well, that doesn't matter much; it's not that much money. Well, $205 billion over the next five years in the real world amounts to this: $4.7 million per hour, every hour, for every day, for the next five years. That's a lot of money....

It's hard to imagine a more cynical political strategy than trying to hold hostage funding for our troops in combat and our wounded warriors in order to extract $11 billion in additional social spending. I hope media reports about such a strategy are wrong, I really do. If they're not, if the reports of this strategy are true, I will veto such a three-bill pileup. Congress should pass each bill one at a time in a fiscally responsible manner that reflects agreement between the legislative branch and the executive branch.

I again ask Congress to send me a clean Veterans funding bill that we have already agreed to by Veterans Day, so we can keep America's promise to those who have defended our freedom and are recovering from injury. I again urge them to pass a clean Defense appropriations bill, and a war supplemental bill to fund our troops in combat.

I know some on the Democrat side didn't agree with my decision to send troops in, but it seems like we ought to be able to agree that we're going to support our troops who are in harm's way. I know the members feel that way, standing with me. I hope the leadership feels that way, and they ought to give me a bill that funds, among other things, bullets, and body armor, and protection against IEDs, and mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles. It would be irresponsible to not give our troops the resources they need to get their job done because Congress was unable to get its job done.




Amusing: A Leftist journalist has put up a list of reasons why Rudy Giuliani would make a bad President. They actually sound like a list of reasons why he would make a good President. Rudy should thank her for the good publicity in an unexpected source.

Peace movement now bores everyone: "If the "peace" movement holds a protest and no one in the press covers it, does it still exist? If Americans are sick of the war, they're also sick of the "anti-war." Even the media have grown anti-war-weary. Rallies on October 27 drew only perfunctory news mentions. The peaceniks have now become a bipartisan political problem, now that the Democrats who control Congress haven't dared to placate the radicals by cutting off money for the troops. Cindy Sheehan is threatening to run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But suddenly - surprise, surprise - the media aren't interested in Sheehan's new crusade. Crusades only have a point when it's an anti-Republican point."

WaPo Writer admires Cuban system: "Imagine the ire the media would have, rightfully so, if George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney (and Sean Hannity and whatever other liberal bogeymen the ultra-left fear) could even dream of, much less institute, a block-by-block patriotism patrol answerable to the U.S. government. Of course that would not and could not ever happen under our Constitution. But the same essential thing was a building block of Fidel Castro's Marxist regime in Cuba, and, surprise, surprise, a Washington Post staff writer devoted an A-section article to its waning influence and substitute dictator Raul Castro's hope of reviving it."

Chris Matthews Warns People to be `Fearful' of Hillary Presidency: "You know when the liberal host of MSNBC's "Hardball," Chris Matthews, paints a grim picture of a Hillary Clinton presidency for investors on a financial show, things must be pretty dismal. "I know that most people are very fearful of Hillary being elected," Jim Cramer said to Matthews on the October 29 "Mad Money." "Well, they ought to be fearful," Matthews responded. "Democrats raise taxes and Hillary already said she's going to repeal the Bush tax cuts. The Republicans start this election with their hole card, the ace showing - they're going to keep taxes lower. That's always a big plus for Republicans."

FEMA again: "The chief publicist for America's Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) has been fired from his new job before he even started, after it emerged that he staged a fake news conference about the California wildfires - at which he and his staff, posing as reporters, asked the questions. Of all the government organisations in America, perhaps only the beleaguered Fema - ridiculed for its late-response to Hurricane Katrina two years ago - could so effectively snatch defeat from the jaws of such a victorious disaster-response effort, led by California's resurgent governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger"

Israel steps up threats to invade Gaza Strip: "Israel escalated its threats on Tuesday to invade the Hamas-run Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian rocket fire after a plan to withhold key utilities drew objections from legal experts and foreign powers. Since quitting Gaza in 2005, Israel has mounted regular commando raids and air strikes on rocket crews but the salvoes have not ceased. Two such operations on Tuesday killed at least four Hamas policemen and wounded six Palestinian civilians. Islamist Hamas's takeover of the territory in June stoked calls in the Jewish state for a big military sweep."

Victory for Minneapolis Taxi Entrepreneurs: "Can an entrenched cartel of Minneapolis taxi drivers violate the civil rights of entrepreneurs and consumers? No, according to U.S. Magistrate Judge Franklin L. Noel. In an opinion released today, the judge recommended that a lawsuit brought by members of the taxi cartel to overturn the city's free-market reforms be dismissed. "This is a victory for both aspiring taxi entrepreneurs and for Minneapolis consumers," said Scott Bullock, a senior attorney at the Institute for Justice who argued the case. "Established businesses should not be able to use the law to quash competition and close the marketplace. Today's ruling ensures that does not happen."


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