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Hillary's lying goes back a long way

As Hillary Clinton came under increasing scrutiny for her story about facing sniper fire in Bosnia, one question that arose was whether she has engaged in a pattern of lying. The now-retired general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Hillary when she worked on the Watergate investigation, says Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther – and goes much deeper – than anyone realizes.

Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career. Why? “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

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Brookes News Update

Carbon emissions trading, the new Bubble Economy: Imposing a carbon emissions trading scheme is not justified by the science and is likely to be very costly and disruptive to the lives of all Australians. It is becoming very clear that carbon dioxide is not a key driver of earth's temperature, and attempts to reduce man's emissions of CO2 will do more harm than good
Dark Hour - a sign of the times: Earth Hour should be renamed Dark Hour during that consumers should also forgo the consumption of gasoline and diesel. Consumers should spend the hour they sit in the dark with no transport, air conditioning or hot coffee, remembering the contribution that carbon fuels have made to modern society
Buoy meets Gore: The global warming cult and its media allies suffered a severe blow when 3,000 automated ocean buoys actually detected a slight cooling. Moreover, NASA's eight weather satellites readings showed that temperature changes were well within the normal range
The Disgrace of Liberalism: The Democrats - with the indispensable aid of their media allies - successfully branded the Republicans as the 'party of corruption'. But this title rightfully belongs to the Democratic Party, that is utterly corrupt to its very core
Race card? Ask Obama... he brought it up.: Obama gave a speech to deplore the words of his trusted hatemongering preacher. Reverend Wright has been his mentor and spiritual advisor for the past twenty years. Yet, in that speech, he didn't disclaim the messenger
Race is not a factor this election: The Obama and Clinton campaigns are fostering a disconnected and artificial sense of race conflict as they desperately seek to extract a kernel of justification for their vacuous candidacies. Every comment or gesture from either side is weighed and parsed for race or gender bias
Morality and markets: Free market advocates place great store on moral frameworks and sound social institutions. Never forget that Adam Smith was first and foremost a moral philosopher



The journalism of desperation here. They say that increasing use of food stamps is a sign of economic depression in America -- quite ignoring the fact that the government has recently expanded eligibility for food stamps. Taranto has the details.

The "recession" is a media myth: "During the 2000 election, with Bill Clinton as president, the economy was viewed through rose-colored glasses. According to polls, voters didn't realize that the country was in a recession. Although the economy started shrinking in July 2000, most Americans through the entire year thought that the economy was fine. But over the last half-year, the media and politicians have said we were in a recession even while the economy was still growing. Gas prices are going up. The economy is slowing. Talk of recession is seemingly everywhere. While the majority of people rate their personal finances positively, consumer confidence in the economy has plunged to a 16-year low, well below what it was during the last year of the Clinton administration when we were in a recession."

Nobody fears Hillary: "Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. Be afraid. Be very afraid, for if you don't obey the Great and Powerful Oz will turn her wrath on you. Yawn. Hillary Clinton's favorite girlhood movie was the 'Wizard of Oz.' But now, as the primaries clank along, her subjects are refusing to wear the green-tinted glasses and buy her act. She's less and less terrifying every day, and fewer of those closest to her -- her Senate colleagues -- are intimidated. Despite their best efforts, the Clintons' powers seem to have gone on the fritz, and those Democrats who know Hillary best have strayed off to follow a new, more congenial character. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr. was the most recent U.S. Senator to endorse Barack Obama for President. But he certainly is not the only one."

Limiting executive power: "Should the World Court be imbued with the authority to determine how Texans run their justice system? Does the president have the authority to impose an international court ruling on a state? Would such a notification have altered the outcome of the trial? During Medellin's appeal process, the consulate issue was raised in both Texas and federal courts. To this point, every court has found that notification was irrelevant to the case itself and to Medellin's richly deserved death sentence. And this week, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the president does not have the authority to order states to follow international agreements in the courts."

Another crooked black?: "U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson quit following calls by lawmakers for him to step down amid a federal criminal probe into contracts the agency awarded. ``There comes a time when one must attend more diligently to personal and family matters,'' Jackson, reading from a statement, told reporters in Washington today. ``Now is such a time for me.'' His resignation takes effect April 18." [Conservatives once had some hopes of Alphonso Jackson]

Another TSA abuse: "You may have heard, recently, of a woman, undergoing security procedures at one of this once-free nation's airport gulags, who was forced by Transportation Safety Administration goons to remove a pair of decorative metal rings from her nipples with pliers, even though the jewelry demonstrably posed no threat to anybody -- and she was reportedly willing to show them to appropriate female security personnal. There was no reason for this treatment. It's the kind of routine violation and harassment members of America's Productive Class have been increasingly subjected to by otherwise unemployable minimum wage thugs. It is, of course, only the latest in what the Founding Fathers would have called 'a long chain of abuses and usurpations"

There is a new lot of postings by Chris Brand just up -- on his usual vastly "incorrect" themes of race and IQ.


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A lesson in Australian: When an Australian calls someone a "big-noter", he is saying that the person is a chronic and rather pathetic seeker of admiration -- as in someone who often pulls out "big notes" (e.g. $100.00 bills) to pay for things, thus endeavouring to create the impression that he is rich. The term describes the mentality rather than the actual behavior with money and it aptly describes many Leftists. When they purport to show "compassion" by advocating things that cost themselves nothing (e.g. advocating more taxes on "the rich" to help "the poor"), an Australian might say that the Leftist is "big-noting himself". There is a recent example of the usage here. The term conveys contempt. There is a wise description of Australians generally here

The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler's political party (translated) was "The National Socialist German Workers' Party" (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)


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