Sunday, July 20, 2008

Senator McCain, This Is Your Issue
Obama released a national ad saying he has "fast-track alternatives" to imported oil. On closer examination, those turn out to be his proposal to spend $150 billion over the coming decade on energy research. Ten years doesn't sound all that "fast" to us, and there's no guarantee that the research will result in less oil being imported.

Want a real fast-track alternative? How about the California oil that could be produced within one year that Larry Kudlow and the American Thinker discussed?
A Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. analyst said in a report there is a lot of offshore crude that can be produced relatively quickly. The problem: It is located off California, where politicians have built careers opposing new drilling.
The Minerals Management Service said that of the estimated 18 billion barrels of oil in off-limits coastal areas, almost 10 billion are off the coast of California.

"California could actually start producing new oil within a year if the moratorium were lifted," the Sanford C. Bernstein report said, because the oil is under shallow water, has been explored and drilling platforms have been there since before the moratoria.

Are you paying attention, Senator McCain? Start beating the drum on this. There's 10 billion barrels out there. The drilling platforms are still in place. As Sundries Shack notes, if we accessed just one tenth of that, this supply alone could keep the entire country running for seven weeks. The Congressional moratorium on offshore drilling expires September 30. Lead the fight on this, Senator McCain. This is victory, right here. Make Obama choose between his environmental base and Americans struggling with $4 a gallon gas. One side or the other will be livid with him.



Brookes News Update

Bernanke's Keynesianitis could sink the US economy: What Bernanke's critics fail to see is that a policy of price stability is bound to create an inflationary trend that must eventually result in recession. In a progressing economy - one in which the ratio of capital to labour is rising - there would be a secular fall in prices as technology applied through investment reduced unit costs
'Fair Pay' Commission votes for higher unemployment: The unions and their media allies' defence of minimum wage rates neatly illustrate their intellectual bankruptcy. (Needless to say, this also goes for the Fair Pay Commission). Their arguments rest on the implicit assumption that unions, or governments, can raise and guarantee living standards. As Jeremy Bentham once said: 'nonsense on stilts'
President Bush exonerated of "misleading statements" leading to Iraq war: For years the Democrats and political activists masquerading as journalists have sneered at allegations that Hussein bought uranium, calling them 'Bush lies'. Now that about 600 tons of yellow cake has been discovered in Iraq
and sold to Canada the Democrats and their media supporters have gone silent on the issue
Obama: Radical in Liberal Clothing: Despite Obama's recent attempts at moderation he retains positions on several significant issues indistinguishable from those of extreme Dennis Kucinich. Most of those positions are opposed not only by overwhelming majorities of all Americans, but in several cases, majorities of Democrats as well
Obama's presidential bid: What's wrong with that?: Obama's campaign slogan is 'change': but he has already changed everything about the electoral ways and customs of the American people, and he has changed it so much for the worse that many decades will be necessary to repair the damage, if indeed that is possible
Tehran: Terrorism's World Capital: Teheran has been conducting a proxy war against America. The inspiration for this war is Iran's jihadist goal of imposing Islamic totalitarianism globally. Iran is a leading sponsor of jihadists and the self-identified role model for exporting its Islamic revolution to other countries. It is the sworn enemy of the West. We should take seriously its call to bring 'Death to America!' - because it has already done so



The Cost and Future Scarcity of Electricity: "CNN's Situation Room just carried a report that electricity costs in Maryland and D.C. have soared 46% in the past two years, and that "experts" predict widespread shortages of electricity across the country in just three years. Given the ability to build new nuclear power, plants there is no shortage more easily remedied than that of electricity. But building the nuclear plants requires political will and legislation clearing the regulatory hurdles out of the way. Let's be clear: This is another Democrat-made shortage, and like the Congress-induced bans on producing oil that have led to the soaring price of gas, if you want more energy pain on the electricity front, just vote for Obama and his colleagues on the Hill."

Healthy funding for McCain: "Republican Sen. John McCain is ahead of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama by $23 million. Obama's money-making skills are phenomenal but they come at the expense of his own party's fundraising. In a year where everything seems to be coming up Democratic, the party is having difficulty raising money for its convention and for its national party. While Obama raised a record $52 million in June to McCain's $22 million, Obama and the DNC ended June with $72 million in the bank, AP reported. McCain and the RNC ended the month with $95 million in the bank."

Media Bias? What Media Bias? All 3 Network Anchors To Follow Obama Trip. That's 3 More Than Followed McCain: "Say what you want about the death of broadcast news, it's still a powerful forum. The fact that all three network anchors are going to be with Obama at some point during his upcoming trip to Iraq, the Mideast and Europe is going to generate coverage for Obama. Coverage that was lacking when McCain traveled abroad. Even the NY Times notices the disparity."

British Ministry of defence still losing files and data: "This year, 22 portable memory sticks containing classified information had been either stolen or lost, the MoD said. More than 700 MoD laptops have gone missing or been stolen in the last four years. The disclosure sparked claims that the Government has not learned from previous Whitehall information-handling blunders. . Earlier this year, an independent review of the MoD's information security systems warned that a "Facebook generation" of young officials had not learned the disciplines of the Cold War and were often careless with sensitive data. In a written parliamentary answer, the MoD said that 131 of the department's portable USB memory sticks had been taken or misplaced since 2004. Twenty six of the small storage devices have been lost this year. Three of those held information classified as "secret." Another 19 carried "restricted" data. The MoD also said that between 2004 and 2007, a total of 658 laptops were stolen, and another 89 were lost. Only 32 have been recovered."


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