Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google harassment

The powers that be at Google definitely do NOT like anti-Obama bloggers. My Obama blog has had a word-completion restriction on posting since August 10 and none of my many requests to lift the restriction have been heeded. Such restrictions are normally lifted within a day or two. Definite evil there.

It is a childish level of harassment but I am beginning to think seriously of transferring my Obama blog to another host. If I can find a template elsewhere that I like, I will.

Though the fact that Obama will probably be a feather duster rather than a rooster after the first week in November may make any action rather pointless at this stage.


Anonymous said...


Google are very very liberal, and you are surprised?

Anonymous said...

Google used to commit to "Do no evil" but like most liberals that fell by the wayside as soon as they discovered they could use their power to influence others.

-- Looks like they added the "Word verification" to this blog also.

Joe Ramen said...

A mate of mine has an anti-leftist blog which is, of course very anti-Obama. There is nothing nasty, certainly nothing that sinks to the level of what one will find at Kos, the Democratic Underground, or Moron.org in their anti-conservative vitriol. Google decided he had a post that they didn't like and pulled his Google "Ad Sense" account.

Google is beyond liberal. Google is fascist.