Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Conservatives are dumb fundraisers

No wonder Obama is so far ahead of McCain. I received an email asking me to donate to The McCain Palin Victory 2008 fund. I decided to send them $1,000. When I tried to do so, however, I was asked to give my State of residence. But only American States were listed. So I was unable to donate.

I ran into the same problem in responding to fundraising emails from David Horowitz and his Front Page outfit. I tried to get around the problem by randomly choosing an American State but that did not work as my credit card details did not line up with that State. No wonder Obama gets a heap more foreign donations!


So you think you can trust

I rarely put up emails I receive but the one below coincides with my own experience and I think the facts of the matter need to be known. Amusingly, I looked for the email on snopes and it was not mentioned!

We have all become accustomed to going to to verify hoax emails and other facts but did you know that, regarding political issues, snopes is not the source to go to?

I became suspicious after going to and typing in the search word 'Obama' which brought up almost every known accusation against Obama. Surprisingly, virtually each and every one of them was labeled 'false' or had some other explanation rendering it not true. Then I did a search using the search word 'McCain' and lo and behold.... there was virtually nothing that came up regarding accusations made against McCain but again brought up some of the same things that McCain supporters have made against Obama and again....claiming them 'false'.

I then did a web search on '' and found many articles and websites stating that is a known liberal biased website. Here's a quote off of one website: 'Snopes is reluctant to admit that most of the conservative political and religious emails are 'true' as far as snopes can determine. There is always a disclaimer, footnote or lengthy oratory explaining why everything from crime statistics to reports from Iraq must be viewed and understood through the 'snopes lens.'

Need more proof? Do your own web search on snopes and find many more things there talking about the political bias of snopes. So any of you who have misguided liberal friends or family that keep throwing 'check' in your face, please understand what you are looking at and inform those that use it as a crutch that it is a biased website that may be good to check email hoaxes, but not one to go to for political facts!!


BrookesNews Update

The US recession and Obama's destructive economic snake oil: Obama's tax plan is a recipe for economic stagnation if not worse. It is a direct attack on capital accumulation, the process that raises real wages and living standards. The only ones who would escape the consequences are the Democrats' billionaire supporters whose wealth will actually be protected by Obama's tax proposals
Why Rudd's $10.4 billion hit will not prevent a recession: There is no way Rudd's $10 billion package will ward of the impending recession. Monetary conditions have been extremely tight since last December, even being deflationary for the period of January to May. There is absolutely no way an increase in consumer spending can possibly offset the monetary squeeze the Reserve created
Australian journalists join the Democrats smear-mongering campaign: Journalists have ruthlessly smeared Obama's critics, calling them liars, racists, hypocrites, crooks, and far worse. This was done for the sole purpose of hiding from the public the real Obama, the one that lurks behind the public mask. The mass of journalist are lying political bigots who loath their own societies and their fellow citizens. The cloacal Geoff Elliott of The Australian is one such reptilian creature
Why do billionaires fund the Democrats' fascist economic policies?: The further away a businessman is from the actual production of physical things the greater is the possibility of him voting for leftist policies. I do not know of a single Democrat billionaire who is directly involved in manufacturing. But I can name those who are perfectly willing to give financial support to the Dems' fascist economic policies
Rev. Jeremiah Wright: The Cuban Connection: How curious, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Obama's religious mentor and a vicious anti-Semite - admits he is linked to Cuba's intelligence agency through its religious front the Cuban Council of Churches. But this is par for the course for Democrats: we have Obama's strong links to America haters and unrepentant terrorists, Kerry's support for America-hating leftist thugs, Teddy Kennedy's offer to help the KGB bring down Reagan, Biden's promise to the Kremlin to betray dissidents, and many more examples of the left's treason
Top of form five-star green hypocrisy: The World Wildlife Fund is going to take a group of uber rich supporters on a private jet expedition that will have the carbon footprint of a volcano. (I'm exaggerating - but only a little). What we have here is another sickening example of the green ubermenschen's utter contempt for ordinary people. For them the environment is their playground and the little people can drop dead
Electing Obama will put us on the road toUSSA - United Socialist States of America: "Barack Obama entered electoral politics as a member of a radical Marxist group aimed at gaining control of the Democratic Party in order to implement a version of socialism in America. He signed a contract promising to maintain a visible relationship. Obama should be pressed by McCain to reveal that contract and proclaim his adherence to socialist goals before the American people approve him for our highest office
Metaphors reveal the economic ignorance of politicians and journalists: The stupidity, ignorance, economic illiteracy and sheer vacuousness of politicians and the media with respect to the financial panic is a singular lesson on the importance of a basic grasp of sound economics and a reasonable knowledge of economic history
Obama sowing ACORNs to reap the biggest oak tree in Washington, DC: America's corrupt media in covering up Obama's hatred of America and his links to activists and unrepentant terrorists like Ayers who want to destroy her. So why are they doing it? Because these phony journalists hate America just as much as Ayers does
The Indigenous Lives of Jesus and Mohammed: Leftwing 'academics' are writing American elementary school texts that are anti-Semitic and supportive of terrorism


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The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler's political party (translated) was "The National Socialist German Workers' Party" (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)



Anonymous said...

Hi JR -

In regards to your opening article about donating to McCain, you'll find it's because Sen. McCain is being significantly more ethical about the sources of his donations than Sen. Obama is.

While contributions under $200 do not have to individually identified by law, Sen. McCain chooses to do so.

Additionally, I'm pretty sure that it is actually illegal to donate to a presidential campaign as a foreigner, which has been an issue for Sen. Obama (though of course widely ignored by the MSM), as he has previously had no identification requirements to donate via the website. I recall some issues with large scale donations from anonymous foreign sources to Obama, though the details escape me for now.

Anonymous said...

American candidates aren't supposed to accept donations from foreign sources. If Obama is accepting foreign money, I believe that would be illegal (though he has probably found a way around that)

Dennis said...

Regarding the e-mail about Snopes being left wing:

If you got the same e-mail I did, it recommended But, if you got their site, specifically,, they tell a different story.

I haven't found Snopes to be any more biased than my average friend (left or right) but they do provide better references for their positions.