Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Patriotism, nationalism and racism

Warner Todd Huston sets out at some length the simple but rather denied truth that Leftists only pretend to be patriotic. In a patriotic nation they have to do that for PR purposes but their hearts are not in it and they manage the pretence only by claiming that they love what America COULD BE rather than what it is. Pathetic!

I have set out at some length previously evidence that patriotism is not in general aggressive. There is however a related attitude known as nationalism. That is when the lovers of their own country want to dominate other countries. All the examples I can think of, however, from Napoleon to Hitler, have been Leftists. So my summary of the matter is that nationalism is a Leftist perversion of patriotism. No wonder Leftists are so suspicious of patriotism! They judge others by themselves. They know how vicious they would be with an entire nation behind them and assume that others think similarly.

But both patriotism and nationalism are only one sort of group loyalty. Rotarians are often strongly attached to their club and even homosexuals feel "gay pride" apparently. And many church members are strongly attached to their religious denomination or local church. And religious identity can extend to something like nationalism -- with physical attacks on members of other denominations. There is still a faint remnant of that in Northern Ireland (though the enmity there is as much historic as religious) and in Islam there is a lot of it. Muslims are great slaughterers of other Muslims -- if the other Muslims don't subscribe to the "right" brand of Islam. But Islam is Fascistic anyway.

And then there is the great unmentionable. You CAN feel proud of your race. And if the pride is "black pride" that is just fine. But "white pride" is apparently a breath from the depths of hell. Yet history's most destructive example of racism was not concerned with whiteness at all. Hitler in fact allied himself with the non-white Japanese and attacked many nations that were just as white as Germans are. In fact there are proportionately rather more blue-eyed blondes in Russia and in Poland than there are in Germany -- and Adolf slaughtered millions of both. Hitler's bag was -- following Woodrow Wilson -- ARYANS. And most Aryans are in fact brown (Indians).

So the Leftist suspicion of pride in being white has exactly no foundation in the place where it might be most expected! Pretty normal Leftist ignorance of facts and history, of course. So white racism as an oppressive thing is mainly an American phenomenon. And the KKK were overwhelmingly Democrats! Clearly, conservatives were not the problem there.

I can't resist noting here, however, that I quite like Aryans myself. I have at the moment three quite brown Indians living with me in my house and most days I fly the flag of the Republic of India from my flagpole. Maybe that just makes me a nut but the court jester of old was the only one in the court allowed to tell the whole truth so I cheerfully claim that privilege. Does that make me a dangerous nut? Maybe. Truth is dangerous to those who live by deception.

I in fact have very good contacts with India. The chairman of the huge company that owns the recently attacked Taj hotel is the much admired Ratan Tata and if I wanted to get a message to him there is a good Indian friend of mine for whom Ratan Tata would always pick up the phone. Everybody who loves India will be pleased to hear that Mr Tata has pledged to rebuild the Taj hotel so that is is as good as new again.

I imagine that it is by now pretty clear that Leftists would have an uphill job of tagging me as a white racist (though they will no doubt get to the top of that hill somehow). I just don't fit their simplistic black-and-white way of thinking. If we are more careful with our definitions than Leftists usually are, however, I think it should become clear that there are some forms of white "racism" that are perfectly reasonable, normal and harmless.

I refer in particular to my prior comments showing that patriotism is not in general necessarily aggressive, hostile or oppressive. And I see no reason why what we might call "white patriotism" should be aggressive, hostile or oppressive. In other words, a feeling of connectedness with other whites and a pride in being white does not necessarily imply a wish to oppress or attack people of other races. But when we come to nationalism, however (the Leftist specialty), it is a very different situation. White nationalism (the desire to conquer or control non-white races) is indisputably a very bad thing.

But white nationalism is a very rare thing. Hitler wasn't moved by it nor was the British empire. The chief enemy of the British empire was the French, who are quite white. The KKK is about the only example of white nationalism that I can think of. And the KKK at one time dominated Democrat conventions. Such acclaimed Democrat Presidents as Woodrow Wilson and FDR both had solid KKK support. So if we are careful with our definitions, white pride is only dangerous in the hands of Leftists. The very small band of modern-day neo-Nazis are probably an exception to that but there are small exceptions to most rules. And the modern-day political parties that are most often called neo-Nazi (Britain's BNP and Germany's NDP) do in fact have a lot of quite socialistic policies -- just as old Adolf did.

Note how easily everything falls into place once we have swept away the Leftist hokum about Nazism and the KKK being "Rightist".


BrookesNews Update

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The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler's political party (translated) was "The National Socialist German Workers' Party" (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)



Graham Dawson (Archonix) said...

I've been following a broader debate about nationalism, patriotism and all of that across the web and forming my own thoughts on it. I've come to the conclusion that the common belief of nationalism as a "perversion" or negative and aggressive brother of patriotism is actually something of a leftist leitmotif in itself. In leftist thought, nationalism is just another form of collectivism; Orwell solidified this thought in his essay "Notes on Nationalism", where he effectively redefined nationalism from the idea of "loyalty and devotion to a nation" to the blind devotion of the person to the collective in which they subsumed themselves, whether that was a nation, religion or any other group. But, of course, Orwell was a progressive and thought in terms of collectives. He couldn't help but define terms in that way. Nevertheless, the idea of nationalism, if you get down to it, is simply a profound love of the "nation", or to put in the in modern parlance, a highly personal identification with a particular ethnic group. Patriotism, on the other hand, appears to be more related to the state and the place; so one is for the people and the other for the thing.

Neither has to be aggressive or dominating. In fact I've reached the further conclusion that nationalism can have both a positive and a negative mode, as can patriotism. Positive nationalism is defensive, and appears like patriotism, but with an added ethno-national element to it. English and Scottish national identity might be good examples of this idea, with a nation that is tied to a place with well defined borders. Negative nationalism would be like the japanese nationalism, or the German nationalism of world war 1, or the nationalism of Bismark. And it was a highly aggressive form of patriotism that drove the expansion of the soviet empire, rather than any sort of nationalism. Nationalism wouldn't have worked in such ethnically diverse society as the soviet/russian empire but patriotism, the belief in the state and its leaders and laws - the belief in the thing - could and did have the desired effect.

Being married to a linguist has made me rather sensitive to the abuses of language that take place amongst leftists, who often redefine terms and then promulgate their redefinition. Orwell's newspeak is the most common example but of course, he wasn't specifically condemning the practice itself, just the means for which it was used. The redefinition of nationalism and patriotism as opposing forces strikes me as one of the greater crimes against language. At least in my opinion.

Robert said...

Not only did the Democratic Party found the KKK as its terrorist wing, but their 1864 convention anthem also reflected their racism.

The 1864 Democratic Convention Anthem