Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sarah's back!

Alaska governor Sarah Palin has launched a political action committee to help support candidates for federal and state office. The committee, SarahPac, is dedicated to supporting "fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation," according to its web site.

Palin catapulted to fame last year as Republican presidential candidate John McCain's running mate and is widely believed to be eyeing a presidential bid in 2012. Aides said SarahPac will help serve as a vehicle for her political activities. According to the web site, SarahPac welcomes supporters of any political persuasion and will contribute to candidates of any party who share her ideas and goals.

But Palin makes special note of the Republican Party on the site, saying it is at "the threshold of an historic renaissance" that should focus on health care, education and government reform.

Aides said Palin will limit her political activity until the Alaska legislative session ends in April. But she planned to travel to Washington on Saturday to attend the Alfalfa Club dinner, an elite gathering of the capital's political and media establishment. Palin was also expected to address the Conservative Political Action Committee meeting in Washington in February.



BrookesNews Update

President Obama gets an economic broadside : The US faces a massive surge in inflation and a run on the dollar if the fed insists on flooding the banks with monopoly money and underwriting Obama's economic illiteracy with colossal checks funded with credit expansion
Obama's fiscal stimulus will fail the US economy: It is a dangerous fallacy that government spending is costless. There is need to emphasize the truism that a government can spend or invest only what it takes away from its citizens and that its additional spending and investment curtails the citizens' spending and investment to the full extent of it quantity
The Great Depression: fact versus myths: The Democrats are falsely arguing that this is the worst crisis since the Great Depression and that it requires a 'New Deal'. But it was Roosevelt's New Deal that kept America in depression throughout the 1930s. This is an important fact that needs to be grasped by the public, despite media propaganda to the contrary. Obama's economic policies are a dangerous mishmash of New Deal quackery, appalling economic and historical illiteracy
Are the Democrats a patriotic party? : Any party works assiduously to bring about its own country's defeat - as did hardcore Democrats with respect to the Iraq War - is surely guilty of treason. And it should not be forgotten that President Obama was one of those Democrats
Bush and the Bush-Haters: Bush is alone at being attacked and denied support from all quarters - even from many members of his own party. No single media source, excepting talk radio, was ever in his corner. Struggling actors and comics revived their careers though attacks on Bush. The very existence of BDS says more about the left in general than it does about Bush. The left are already cranking up their hate machine again Sarah Palin
When will Israel learn to SAY "NO!" : Once the Obama team gets going the situation for Israel could become dire. At least, Bush never announced that he would sit and negotiate with a terrorist organization and give them the credibility of a real state, which is precisely what Obama has done
Obama: bringing Americans change they never imagined: Obama has made it evident that we've stuck ourselves with an extreme leftist ideologue whose brand of 'change we can believe in' is, in fact, 'change we never imagined'. Examples are piling up in terms of the radical pro-abortion polices he's planning to implement, the many-times-failed leftist fiscal policies he's promised to test yet again, and the noxiously naive peacenik policies that have Mahmoud and Osama giggling themselves to sleep at night
The media bring down a curtain of darkness to protect Obama : Obama lied about his contacts with Blagojevich. But he has the media on side. Nothing of what has been previously seen in Western democracies in terms of counterfeiting and news manipulation can compare to this absolute and relentless blockade that the American media has placed on any information damaging to Obama. Free debate and information is the lifeblood of democracy. By acting as Obama's willing censors the mainstream media has again demonstrated why it is an enemy of democracy



Russian military a 'paper tiger': "Russia may be flexing its military muscle once again, sending warships into international waters and dispatching long-range bombers on reconnaissance trips, but the former superpower remains a paper tiger, according to a respected London think-tank. The recent naval manoeuvres in the Mediterranean and Latin America were symbolic gestures - the former maritime giant was able to deploy only a small number of ships, while the rest of the fleet was anchored at home without enough money to keep it at sea, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) says.... The Navy plans to build six carrier battle groups, but the publication said: "The Russian military has a long way to go to recover from 20 years of mismanagement and neglect. "Only 12 nuclear-powered submarines, 20 major surface warships and one aircraft carrier remain in service with the Russian Navy, the last of which is routinely followed by two tugs in case of breakdown," it added."

17,000 more US troops to get orders for Afghanistan: "ABC's Luis E. Martinez reports: When President Obama visits the Pentagon tomorrow he will be presented with plans that by week's end could see as many as 17,000 additional US troops receiving their deployment orders for Afghanistan. Testifying on Capitol Hill today, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee that there is little doubt that Aghanistan is the greatest military challenge for the US right now."

Democrats' economic plan: Blame the Republicans: "What do you expect Americans to do when President Obama tells us we are in `an unprecedented economic crisis'? Is any one surprised when consumers cut back on buying? When companies stop spending money? Unfortunately, Obama's statements aren't new - he made similar statements during the campaign last year. Democratic political consultants have been all over the media making the same claims about us being in `the most unprecedented economic crisis in history.' Of course, the media have been pounding away at this message also. It isn't just that the claim about the `unprecedented economic crisis' is false - it is absurdly false. But by frightening Americans and causing them to change their behavior, they are causing the economic chaos they claim to want to solve."

What will they do with the draft dodgers?: "The idea of rounding up the nation's youth and forcing them to labor in government-assigned jobs is once again back in the news. Coming from an ethics expert, the latest call for a civilian draft squares to a troubling extent with what Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama's chief of staff, suggested in a 2006 book, and isn't too far off from what the president himself has endorsed. It's hard to avoid wondering if we're seeing the first signs of a coming policy - and what the consequences will be for Americans who say `no.'"


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