Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nancy Pelosi in China, 2009:

In answering a question from a student about how Pelosi was going to get Americans to cut back on their carbon emissions, the leading Democratic lawmaker said it was important to educate children on how to conserve energy and for citizens to build more environmentally friendly homes. "We have so much room for improvement," she said. "Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory ... of how we are taking responsibility."


V.I. Lenin in Russia, 1917:

"Account must be taken of every single article, every pound of grain, because what socialism implies above all is keeping account of everything"



LOL: Obama's revenge on the Clintons

Asked why he was naming some of his rivals to top administration jobs, President Lyndon B. Johnson said it best: "I'd rather have them inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in." President Obama seems to echo Johnson's management style in his handling of Bill and Hillary Clinton. By bringing them into his inner circle, he has marginalized them both and sharply reduced their freedom of action.

It may appear odd to describe a secretary of State as marginalized, but Obama has surrounded Hillary with his people and carved up her jurisdiction geographically. Former Sen. George Mitchell (D-Maine) is in charge of Arab-Israeli relations. Dennis Ross has Iran. Former U.N. Ambassador Dick Holbrooke has Pakistan and Afghanistan. And Hillary has to share her foreign policy role on the National Security Council (NSC) with Vice President Biden, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, CIA chief Leon Panetta, and NSC staffer Samantha Powers (who once called Hillary a "monster"). With peers who are competitors and subordinates who can deal directly with the president, Hillary is reduced to announcing foreign aid packages for Pakistan while Holbrooke does the heavy lifting.

Part of Hillary's problem is the institutional shrinking of the State Department. During the Bush years, while war raged, the Defense Department became more relevant to the conduct of foreign policy. And, under Obama, the financial crisis has propelled the Treasury into the forefront. State, with its emphasis on traditional diplomacy, has been forced to take a back seat. Even though Obama appointed Hillary, he clearly has not been willing to make her a co-president and confines her to the diminished role of her department.

For his part, Bill Clinton has been asked to be a special envoy to Haiti. Yes, Haiti. Obama's predecessor asked the former president to orchestrate the response to the Asian tsunami and then to Hurricane Katrina. Obama gives him Haiti.

Meanwhile, both Clintons are effectively muzzled and cannot criticize Obama even as he reverses President Clinton's free market proclivities and budget balancing discipline. Hillary, the supposed friend of Israel, must sit by quietly and watch Iran get the bomb while trying all the while to stop Israel from preventing it.

Bill can't even make money. Denied the ability to accept speeches from foreign governments or their organs and fenced out of continuing his profitable relationship with the Emir of Dubai, he and his wife must accept the loss of the $13 million they spent on her campaign and sit by passively, unable to earn the money to replace it.



BrookesNews Update

Obama's economics brains trust is still getting it wrong on the US economy: Obama's economic brains trust has a brilliant plan to rescue the US economy: print oodles of money and when prices start zooming cut off the supply. That this will also cause interest rates to zoom and bond prices to dive is just something Americans would have to live with once the economy was comatosed again. There is more than just one flaw in the plans of these economic descendents of Wile E. Coyote
Can president Obama's policies heal the US economy? : Obama and his economic advisors are making a dreadful economic error. The heart of the current financial crisis is the boom-bust policies of the Fed. It is these policies that caused massive real wealth destruction and hence weakened the economy's ability to generate real savings. Obama's policy will only make the situation worse
Obama's bubble car economy: Obama's super duper new car policy was once popular in Europe in the 1950s and early 1960s. They were called bubble cars. They were small and they were dangerous. What the hell: they had great mileage, even if they tended to get you killed. But as Obama says, we must make sacrifices, He means you, not him and his mates
Bush's war against terrorism vindicated: When called upon, President Bush and Vice President Cheney took their responsibilities seriously. They made tough decisions to keep America safe from the predations of terrorists whose ultimate goal is to murder Americans and destroy US civilization
Obama at Notre Dame: In his Notre Dame speech Obama had the audacity to compare abortion to the civil rights struggle. He closed his speech with the Golden Rule and hoped his audience would respond to the call to treat one another as they wish to be treated. If only babies were given such an opportunity
Republicans need to return to their conservative principles: We need to tell the real story of what Republicans stand for — individual freedom, individual responsibility, conservative social ideals, smaller government, lower taxes, free enterprise — not socialism, and the opportunity for everyone to succeed without government interference



Michelle Malkin has got the lowdown on the huge taxpayer-finded ACORN group, showing that they worked hand in glove with the Obama campaign during the last election -- something that they were by law prohibited from doing. It is of course only the latest revelation about these crooked Leftist Brownshirts. The original Brownshirts under Ernst Roehm were socialists too, of course. Roehm was one of the very few people who spoke to Hitler per "du", the intimate form of address.

Good post from Taranto pointing out that the Democrats have now adopted Archie Bunker values. Taranto also argues that Sotomayor's claim of superiority to white men is not racist but "an expression of prejudice, an exercise in stereotyping". He fails, however, to recognize that if a white male had made the same clain in reverse, he would have been condemned as a "racist" by the Left.

I have put a new heading on this blog, in accord with what seems to be the new Democrat emphasis on the permissibility of racial claims.


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The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism. The very word "Nazi" is a German abbreviation for "National Socialist" (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler's political party (translated) was "The National Socialist German Workers' Party" (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)


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dchamil said...

Your new heading on the blog mentions the richness of your experiences. As I recall, one of them is having a family, an experience in which Sotomayor is lacking. Having a family has changed my life and made me more conservative.